How long does a 1g joint last you?

Discussion in 'General' started by Deleted member 1089538, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. Ive had a 1g joint last me two sessions ‍♂️But i have a low tolerance
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  2. 15 minutes on a good day. An hour on a bad one.
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  3. I don't buy 1g Js but a gram of weed can last me anywhere between 1-3 days.. if it's a gram of hash I'll get 2-3 days since it gets you higher then weed lol
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  4. If you're trying to conserve weed don't roll it up. Use a bowl, bong, or vape your weed will last a lot longer with those methods.
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  5. One sitting
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  6. Yep lol^^

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  7. Why ask that ...on the worlds biggest weed site...?

    in truth I've never timed myself have you..?
  8. Not long. If I'm smoking a joint I'm among friends so I share.
  9. I agree with vostok I think a better question is, do you get more than one smoke session out of a. 1 gram joint? I usually get 2 sometimes 3 if I know I dont have anymore. Here is what I do if I want to get 3 sittings out of a joint I smoke 4-6 hits and put it out regardless of if I am high or not since the effects come on after I'm done. When I got plenty it may get smoked in one or maybe 2 because I just smoke untill I actually feel high. Which most of the times is 3/4 of the way through my dubbie.
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  10. Since I smoke for a familiar level of being quite sensually high, besides how much was smoked, THC content and the method of smoking would also are factors as to how much actually gets into my blood. These days I've pretty much been smoking priciest flower with 20% to 30% THC content. Due to value, am more likely to empty a J into a 60mm tube then and out in public smoke on the sly more efficiently a bit at a time with a one-hitter. Last Saturday after a 5 day t-break initially smoked about 0.15 gram from a dispensary product 0.33 gram mini J and was plenty high. Over the rest of the afternoon walking a few miles about the San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf streets that was crowded with maybe 100,000 people, consumed on the sly another 0.15 gram. The peak level of being high much depends on the length of a tolerance break up to about 4 days.
  11. Just a warm up to the second j lol.

    When I roll I roll eights into a cone and that's usually a sesh.
  12. Man 1g joint lasts me 30 seconds.

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