how long does 12/12 from seed take to finish?

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  1. I first heard it only takes 8-9weeks.

    But after looking online i see that it can take up to 12 weeks...or basically the same time it would take to grow a full plant. And i figure i can get like 2ounces-qp no problem with a big plant.

    I know this is all strain dependent. But if someone could give me an average guesstimate.
  2. Like you said its all strain dependent growing a seed 12/12 from start to finish will only give it a sprout and flower phase so whatever tht strains flower is and the couple weeks from when they break soil honestly it's not worth it you're better off adding a month or two veg time it would make tremendous diff. In yeild
  3. Ya I wouldn't expect more than an 8th to a quarter at most for 12/12 from seed. Plant would probably be skinny with not a lot of bud spots
  4. AUtos maybe? Not familiar with them but something to look into.
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