How long do you wear your clothes until you consider them "dirty"?

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  1. Some people wear something once and throw it in the laundry basket. I think that's ridiculous. I only have a few shirts and jeans that I actually like and I have to cycle through them. If I washed my clothes every time I wore them I think I'd be walking around naked for a while.

    Usually I'll wear something two or three times, depending on how long I wore it for that day. Spray it with some body spray and hang that bad boy right back up. No one'll ever know...
  2. If it smells okay, I'll still wear it. Cause seriously, clothes don't need to be washed that often. My jeans will be worn forever before they get tossed into the wash. It also depends on the weather and whether or not I'm getting a lot of garbage on my clothes.
  3. I havent done anything the past two days and im still wearing my same Beatles Yellow submarine shirt
  4. I'll only wear a single shirt for a day (maybe two at the most, except if I'm having a lazy weekend) before I wash it... But my pants can go a week or two before getting washed.
  5. T-shirt, underwear and socks usually last about a day, but sweatshirts and jeans can be worn a few times before they need to be washed
  6. I sweat like a whore in church, so I almost always wear a wifebeater or a white undershirt, so those get thrown in the wash daily. As do work clothes. But if it's a pair of jeans, I'll let it chill on my pile of other seldomly used clothes for a few days, a week tops. Nothing a few sprays of cologne can't handle.
  7. shirts only once, but normally Ill refold my pants and put them up and wear em once more.
  8. Shirts once or twice, jeans, 2 pairs takes me for a week, so long as they smell ok and have no visible stains or anything on them.
  9. I switch shirts daily.
    However I rarely feel the need to wear different jeans (These new ones I have are too comfortable to switch back to my unstretchable other pairs), so I'll usually wear the same pair of pants for a week.
  10. Work close lats much longer than regular clothes.
  11. collared shirts i generally hang up after i wear them, and i don't really sweat in them so i wear them maybe 2-3 different times before i wash them. t-shirts i usually wash after each use, jeans/shorts about a week, and i've been wearing the same socks for about 6 months.
  12. jeans=2-3 days, underclothes=1 day, sweatshirts/river shirts=a week.
  13. My work clothes get changed every work day. Working in a kitchen results in grease getting everywhere that needs to be washed. The service industry requires you to present yourself nicely to the customer!
  14. Dude, your socks must stand up by themselves.
  15. I wash them after every wear, since I'm really bad at keeping shit off of my clothes
  16. hahaha nah i'm just kidding, socks i do wash the least though, just because i have so many pairs. usually socks are done on a monthly basis or so, but I have like 15 different pairs so I wear em 2-3 times before I wash em.
  17. I havn't washed my jeans in 3 months or more.
  18. I wear them until they look dirty, or smell so bad perfume doesn't cover it up. Undergarments, I wash after wearing once, except bras... those barely get washed. I do, however, shower excessively. Like twice a day.
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    I usually wear shirts twice before throwing them in the wash. Unless obviously pit stains or other stains.

    Pants can go a few weeks (not worn every day), unless they get wet and dry stiff or if they're visibly dirty or smelly.
  20. 24 hours, just something I was raised up to do. I have 7 t shirts, 7 pants, and 7 collared shirts. They all go together in different ways throughout the week and Sunday is wash day.

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