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How long do you wait until you clean you piece?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hydrocronik, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I just got my first bong on Wednesday, and already broke the bowl. So, i've been using my glass pipe as 1, and mad resin has already built up. The pipe is clear and red, but now it looks black and red. lol. Anyways, I want to build up enough resin to make a resin ball someday. So my questions are, how long should I let the shit build up, and how do you make a resin ball?
  2. resin balls are nasty man. you've smoke the good stuff that's in there already. just clean the shit off your pipe before it gets clogged up and flush it away. it's def not worth smoking.
  3. clean it right now you will be suprised how much resin comes off
  4. just don't do it. res tokes are harsh, don't get you that high, and are bad for you because you're basically just smoking tar.
  5. Gross, but if you really want to do it it's just a matter of looking at how much is in there already. Try scraping some off and see how thick it is. If it looks good give it a go. There's no exact time frame since everybody smokes a different amount at a time and a different amount per day.
  6. If I'm dry, I have no problem scraping my bowls for resin at all. It may taste like shit at times, but it gets me ripped pretty well if I get a good ball. And I figure I smoke cigs anyway, so what the hell is a resin ball gonna do to me? At least it isn't cancerous.

    But back to the question, how to do it and when. Well if you've been tokin some good bud for a week straight or whatever, you could probably scrape it now but I'd wait a few more sessions. Grab a paper clip, the bendy metal ones of course, and unbend the clip so you get a long poker. Then stick it in through the carb and start scraping against the inner walls to work the resin loose. I've always found that ripping the bowl hard with nothing in it but a flame loosens the resin more for you and it's easier to ball up. If you have a grinder with keif catching abilities (sounds cool, eh?), you can put the keif on paper and roll the ball in it.

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