how long do you veg for on average?

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  1. How long do you veg on average?

    I'm at week 3 now and i think I should flip em
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  2. There is no set time, I think on average 4 weeks.
    I've been doing cycles of C99 and flip them at week 3.
    Veg as long as you want, to the size you want. I'm sure you know they roughly double in size in flower.
    I go less on "time" and more on the size of the plant(height, nodes..etc) to determine when I want to switch.

  3. What OUtlAnDeR said is spot on. Most go 4 weeks but I've heard folks flipping the lights quickly & some let the veg go for months creating monsters in big pots.

    Hi OUtlAnDeR,
    I was thinking of doing a indoor run of C99 after my next which is Jack Herer. Can you suggest a breeder.
    I'm a newb grower on my third run but would really like to try this strain.
    Cheers & Thanks,:D
  4. i go anywhere from 21-28 days then i 12/12 em
  5. Usually around 20 days from clone, and 45-50 from seed. 3.5-4.5 oz. per plant under a 1000 watt. If I didn't have height, and overall space issues I would veg longer.
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  6. depends on how much space i have usually....

    3-5 weeks....

    if i have the space i love to veg for 2-4 months....plants become monsters at that point though..
  7. 4 - 8 weeks depending how i feel and the plants
  8. 4-6 weeks till I mess with my autos, got a RQS special queen #1 that vegged over 2 months while I grew out some autos. Then I've also ran 12/12 straight from seed. So I guess it varies.
  9. First successful grow vegged 3 weeks, I couldn't wait any longer, I think ill let my next crop, go a 4 or 5.
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    Nice to see input from so many other people
  11. Depends. If I'm in a 10 gallon I'm gonna veg about 3o days Vince they've shown definite sex , that's usualy around 25 days before 21 to 25. Depends though how much space you have which strain. Is it a clone etc.

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