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How long do you need to smoke before you consider a tolerance break?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lim(x->0), Feb 16, 2009.

  1. At least a month.
  2. at least a year i hate these people who think after a month there such big stoners they need to take a t-break if u havent been smokin more then 6 months i consider u prime time smoker/ noob
  3. I think longer than a month deff but i think a year is alittle too long, right around 5 to 7 months id say
  4. It all depends,

    You smoke everyday, 1-2 joints, for a month. You can consider a t-break.

    If you are more of a social smoker, during weekends etc... don't even think about a t-break for a couple months. You'd only be wasting blazing time. :hello:

  5. a month or two would DEFINITELY get your tolerance down
  6. Been 30 years and I've yet to need one.
  7. haha nice. it hasnt been 30 years for me more like 4 without a break
  8. I've taken a break or two for other reasons but I've never really needed a t-break.
  9. I smoke around an eighth a day and i take a month long break every 5 months or so, around 2 a year. It really does make a difference.
  10. Damn that is a long ass time.
  11. I've smoked for the past 2-3 months almost everyday, but I only smoke once or twice a day, maybe 3 bowls tops. So I'm wondering if a t-break is really necessary for me? Some of my friends think so, some don't, and I just don't have a clue.
  12. 12 years and I'll go as long as I can find a lighter without taking a break. Slow down a bit, have a smoking schedule (which is something all stoners are good at without trying, because we all know around what time we're going get that first taste of the day), spark up b4 sleeping, just don't 4get NOBODY LIKES A QUITTER.
  13. ive been smoking every day for the past few years , havnt even considered one but it looks like im gunna have to take a mandatory one pretty soon :(
  14. haha love the quote in your sig, wish I saw that posted I'd give rep for sure.

    Anyways, I smoke only on weekends and I don't think my tolerance has even been touched since I've started last September.. Maybe eventually I'll notice it takes more to get me high, but for now I'm good. :)
  15. once I stop thinking of crazy psychedelic shit when I smoke. All it is is a buzz now basically, I need one.
  16. It really does depend on your personal smoking habits. Do you smoke all day every day? Once a day? A few times a week? Once a week? Basically, if you're finding that you need to smoke significantly more weed in order to get high, then you could, if you want, take a t-break. The length of said t-break also depends on how often you smoke.
  17. ive never took one....
    i stay high.
  18. Instead of a t-break, just eat a slice of mango before smoking.
  19. Huh? never heard that one before.. :confused:

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