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How long do you hold your smoke in?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by KryptoniteKing, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. 1-3 seconds seems to be too short and anything above 7 seconds seems like overkill. I guess it depends on the piece your using too. Bong hits would need more time then pipe hits.. that is, if you have the lungs for it lol
  2. well it only takes a second or two for all the cannabinoids to be absorbed into you lungs or whatever. But any longer than five seconds you are just holding in smoke with no cannabinoids.
  3. ^^ That's right. Holding smoke in for longer than a couple seconds is only going to irritate your lungs more, not get you higher.
  4. Well as they said above me, in two seconds you get all you need, but I know a lot of people who still hold in for five to eight seconds; playing with their lives (x.
  5. like 1 second, like a cigarette. I dont hold it in. inhale, and exhale. i get stoned, really stoned. so.. any longer then that to me is pointless.
  6. [quote name='"Slater420"']like 1 second, like a cigarette. I dont hold it in. inhale, and exhale. i get stoned, really stoned. so.. any longer then that to me is pointless.[/quote]

    this. lack of oxygen to the brain isn't my thing.
  7. At least 5 minutes ghost all day every day :p
  8. 3-4 seconds usually rarely 5!
  9. hey guys how come you only get the cannaboids the first 2-3 secs if there still ton of smoke?
  10. Until I die.

  11. jajajja :hello:

  12. chemicals are absorbed but theres still the product of combusted plant in your body, if its thin thats a good sign of inhalation :smoking:
  13. I take a hit, take a deep breath and exhale. That's atleast 3-5 seconds and everything is absorbed by then
  14. Yeah I only hold them in 1-4 seconds. I met thisone chick a while back who has been smoking for years that claims ghosting is the only way to go.

    Lemme know how that works out when you get black lung retard. Lol
  15. Like everyone else said 3-5 seconds
  16. i dont even inhale man, i just puff it and exhale as hard as i can.

    am i doing something wrong?
  17. Take the hit in, clear the bong, let it out. No need to hold that smoke in, not good for you

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