How long do you hold your hits?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by prettychill, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. As the title says, i'm in the 5 seconds to even ghosting hits. Wanna know what everyone else does. I'm using an mflb.
  2. I usually try to get in a minimum of 2-3 seconds, sometimes I just hold it in untill I have to breath unless I cough out...
  3. On the average I'll hold my hits in 3-5 seconds, more if I'm hitting out of my vape. I never attempt not care to count though.
  4. Im assuming were strictly talking vapor, and with vapor I find that simply holding my breath isn't that effective, but if I "play" with it, breathing a bit out and back in, it's very effective. I try to do this until I ghost it, or close.
  5. I also play with my Vapor....idk why, but simply holding it dosent seem to be the most effective.
  6. [quote name='"packdabowldawg"']I also play with my Vapor....idk why,but simply holding it dosent seem to be the most effective.[/quote]

    It's because our lungs work based on movement. Vapor sitting in your lungs wont get absorbed very efficiently, the majority of the vapor was absorbed when you first inhaled, but if you want to continue absorbing actives, some rebreathing is beneficial.
  7. Yeah, I breath in and out periodically. I "play" with the vapor for about 8 seconds.
  8. on a vape i just inhale until i can't inhale any more, and then i blow it out.
  9. Yeah I can hit sometimes what feels like forever then I just blow it out because I hit till I choke. Holding vape or smoke never feels right to me. I like to play with smoke over vape, but I rarely smoke anymore!
  10. Like 7 seconds lol sometimes when I'm already Baked I catch myself spacing out holding in the hit for 20+ secs
  11. 3-5 seconds.
  12. Usually with vapor I ghost it. Gonna try the rebreathing technique.
  13. I'm assuming we're talking about vaping, so in that case, I always hold it in as long as I possibly can.
  14. I just try to release before I cough it all out at once, but not before I feel like I'm gonna
  15. Until I start to turn blue.

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