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How long do YOU hold in your smoke for?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by eleven357, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. For me its typically 10-30 seconds, but most of the time I forget my watch to actually make sure I am holding it in that long and not just thinking on stoner time.

    So how long do you hold in each toke? And do you hold them in longer as your bag gets shorter? I do :D
  2. I think this is really a subconscious issue, it all depends on what you're comfortable with. I usually hold for 6-10 seconds, if that.

    By the way, 10-30 seconds is overkill, in my honest opinion.

  3. Well, when my bag is looking short, I start holding it in longer. Psychologically compensating you could say.
  4. Depends on what, and where I'm smoking. If it's in my room during the day I'll take ghost hits. Vapes I hold for 10~20sec. Normally about 7sec feels about right. I ususally don't pay attention.
  5. I don't have a vape yet : ( So I usually try to do around 3 seconds.
  6. 5 seconds; one of my friends holds his hits in for a full thirty seconds, and two others just smoke it like cigarettes and seem to get just as high as the rest of us. Most people I know hold it in for 3 - 7 seconds though.
  7. Take the hit, like 2 seconds then exhale.

    That's all you need. Anymore is a waste and fucks up your long.
  8. i hold it in for about 10 - 12 seconds.
  9. 3 minutes.

    but seriously, about 10 seconds. less with a bong.
  10. that doesn't seem like long. I usually laugh at people who don't hold their hits.
  11. 7, give or take

    I heard anymore time doesn't do anything, just zero's it
  12. Anyhting longer than 10-12 seconds and you're just killing your lungs... I myself do at elast five seconds, sometimes seven.
  13. :rolleyes: THC metabolizes fairly quickly in the lungs and by holding your hits you're just depositing tar into your lungs. I don't usually tell people this because they "know whats good" for them. I get just as high by inhaling a hit, waiting a tick, and letting it out.
  14. So all the THC contained within the smoke that you inhaled is metabolized in 3 seconds?
  15. I probably never hold it for longer than 5 seconds. Now that you say it. three seconds seems rather short :D, but thc does metabolize quickly.

    Also, the longer you hold your hit the less oxygen gets to your brain so you're more likely to get lightheaded and high lol that's how people get "higher"

  16. So then Ghost hitting is useless then, Correct?
  17. Precisely. Harmful, actually.
  18. I find honestly that all it does it just put more tar in your lungs. You dont blow out any smoke, so where did it all go? it's all inside your lungs/bloodstream.
  19. Unless you're trying to eliminate smoke/smell. They say it takes around 7 seconds for THC to absorb.
  20. Let me start out by saying that I'm replying without reading this thread first.

    This has been done SOOOOOOOOOOO many times lately. Search ftw

    EDIT** Oh yeah, might as well respond to the OP...Unless its not my weed that I'm about to rip, or there are a lot of people on rotation or something, I'll usually rip whatever i'm hitting pretty hard and only hold in the smoke for like 3-5 seconds before i have to blow it out and take a breath...but 3-5secs is plenty

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