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How long do you hold in hits??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by grassdude, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. The goal here is to absorb as much as the THC into the bloodstream through holding the smoke in. I personally don't even exhale at all. I use the containment method.

    The best way to keep the smoke in your lungs is by doing the following:
    1. inhale smoke until your lungs reach full capacity and HOLD
    2. create air pockets in your throat (burps)
    3. swallow the burps...about 5 of them.. the more the better
    4. EXHALE, when you exhale most of the smoke is trapped in your air bubbles and remains trapped deep in the lungs getting you high as fuck.

    Sometimes it will be hours after toking and upon burping you will notice small clouds of smoke being released.

    NOTE: if any visible smoke does leave upon exhalation quickly use your hands to contain it and inhale once again.
  2. 3-5 seconds
  3. usually 4 seconds
  4. swallowing burps puts them in your stomach.

    If im trying to get the most out of it i hit hold for like 3-5 exhale until i see smoke coming out then inhale and keep going the oxygen ontop of the smoke is like. amazing try it.
  5. It is probably bad for you to hold it in that long...all THC is absorbed w/i 4-5 secs...
  6. Agreed.. I just go 4-5 any more and you are just hurting your lungs, not getting high..
  7. I can't find a single thing in that post that isn't horrible advice. :D

    How do people take something as simple as taking a hit of weed and turn it into such a harmful and complicated process? :laughing:

    Hold for just a few seconds.

    It's not rocket science.
  8. You should hold for 4-5 seconds and all the thc is absorbed.
    Then exhale all the shit that hurt your lungs.
  9. I usually try for about 10 seconds cause thats what I heard to get the full THC content.
  10. 3-5 seconds, sometimes if I'm short on weed I'll exhale into a paper bag and rebreathe that once.
  11. Thats not good advice. All the thc is absorbed within the first 5 seconds so holding it in any longer is just damaging your lungs.

    Also your "burp method" is pointless. Your just swallowing smoke which will make you nauseaus and not get you any higher what so ever.

  12. u have a sick avatar
  13. you're dumb
  14. About 90% of the THC/CBD is absorbed in your lungs within 3-4 seconds, so I do no more than 5. I don't need extra tar in my lungs just because I want to get a little higher. I'd rather spend just a bit more $ than kill my lungs.
  15. Some of my friends like to hold in the hit until the blunt gets passed to them again. I just lol at the fucking idiots.
  16. 4 - 5 depending upon what I'm smoking from.

    Joint/Blunt/Bowl: Around 3-4 seconds, basically whatever feels comfortable.

    Bong/Bubbler: 5+ seconds
  17. should i hold in vape hits longer?
  18. Good points guys. Its cool to burp some of the smoke after drinking a brewski or something with a lot of carbonation. And the game you are referring to is what ive heard called "baseball". We play that too, for shits and fucking gaggles :smoke:
  19. About 5 secs or so, or until I cough and it all comes out in a cloud :laughing:
  20. I was told it takes 8 seconds for your lungs to absorb all the THC, so ive aways held my hits for at least 8 seconds.

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