How long do you guys think? Quick One Auto - Plant and Trich pics

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  1. Hey all, as my Quick One Auto enters her final days, I'm becoming as keen as ever to sample some of my 'erb, but I'm prepared to wait. I think I'm going to give her another week before the chop, but what do you guys (with more experience) think of her so far, and how long would you give her?

    Be prepared for many shoddy pics through a jewelers loupe, skim through, some are half decent quality. I'm hoping for a good 2 oz from her

    She's only been fed 3 times throughout her life, twice in veg and once when she developed her first popcorn nugs, apart from that, she had natural light for the first 2 weeks, supplemented with LED light overnight, and during veg was drinking tap water and fish tank water. Pretty sure the fish tank water had high nitrite at the time, caused some ongoing clawing, but she never had discolourations or any other symptoms until the last week or so as she begins to use up the last of her nutes as her life cycle ends. Oh and earlier I trimmed off many 4 large fan leaves that seemed to sit perfectly over buds. They could be tucked to an extent, but all but 1 were yellow, so were almost worthless to the plant anyway, I'm hoping with more light penetration for the last week she might fatten up just a touch more :) :weed:


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  2. If you can magnify look at this chart IMG_4253.JPG
  3. Thanks, I attached 14 pics of the buds in different sites through my 60x Jewelers loupe in OP :)
  4. Id say another week.

    You didnt feed her often but you sure did feed her a lot, claw and nitrogen "inflation" is present atleast shes using it well! I can see an oz in there

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  5. Yep I'd say another week and maybe even two. I think it will still fatten up a little more and definitely needs a little more maturity.

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    Only ever fed 2-3ml of Levington Tomorite each feed, nothing much at all! I'm surprised by the clawing, I can only think the tank water had excessive levels or the Verve compost was wayyy too hot, but like you said, she never seemed to complain about it! Also she was grown alongside 3 other plants, in a 2x2 foot cupboard, powered by one Mars Hydro 300. One of the plants was given away to give a bit more space, was only going to do 2, 3 at a push but I couldn't help myself :Love-Plant:

    Hopefully I pull a bit more than an O, I'm thinking there's about an ounce and a half on there right now, the nugs are dense as hell, but she'll probably be unrecognizable dry!
  7. Thanks for the input guys, I think I'll let her run until the weekend, which will probably be extended by an extra few days until I find a day where I'm off work and can really devote some time stripping her down.

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