How Long Do Water Pills Take To Help You Come Out Clean In Drugt Test?

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  1. can some one tell me how many water pills should i drink to pass a drug test, and how much time before the drug test should i drink them? And i also heard that after you drink the water pills your clean forever until you smoke again is it true?

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    Are you kidding? Don't waste your money. What the hell is that supposed to do? Make you piss? That would be worse than just chugging water for dilution (which they won't accept if overdone).
    Your only options are abstinence or substitution. Drinks and pills are a ripoff, a scam. The people who claim they work I guarantee they would have passed without it. Most likely because they were close to being below the cutoff and the mild dilution the drinks/pills call for allowed them to pass. Could have done the same with a couple bottles of water an hour before the test.
    And clean forever until you smoke again? Well if you're clean you'll be clean until you smoke again... These things don't "cover up" anything or "clean you out" whatsoever.

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