How long do shrooms last?

Discussion in 'General' started by Pelican, Jun 16, 2006.

  1. I am taking shrooms for the first time this upcoming tuesday, with three people we are getting about 1/4. I am just curious on how long i'll be high for

  2. up to 8 hours or more if ur lucky, and less if ur unlucky. i guess it depends whether ur lucky or not.
  3. 6-8 hours for me
  4. if you take more than an 8th of good ones you'll probably be dozing off waking up doing stupid stuff like thinking of something you wanna get only to hit a mirror in your home and watch your face morph in segments sort of melting off but sort of in zero gravity so it ripples in a 3d shape

    it's a hell of a ride but the comedown is time slowing to a crawl with insomnia and intense retrospective thought that for some may be filled with depressing vibes

    you'll basically have a new lease on life come morning enjoy
  5. i hear if ya down it with oj it lasts longer, but i have yet to do em and i really wanna, and yet everyone in my town says that they're pretty easy to come-by @.@
  6. The OJ myth is just that, a myth, at least in my experiences. Not sure what the logic on that one is.
  7. either way i plan on washin it down with some oj when i do em, usually oj's only thing in the fridge to drink after i get cottonmouth from weed anyway, probably be the same for shrooms
  8. i dont know really if its just a myth i know i took an 8th and drank oj and i never triped so hard before
  9. 4-8 hours is a good ballpark figure....
  10. Yep, 4-8 hours is good.

    I believe that the OJ is to help come on faster?
    Perhaps, longer too.
  11. never tried oj I found myself tripping so hard I ignored cotton mouth by sipping on a small glass of water

    something told me it would be best not to drink enough to piss like a race horse lol turned out you'd forget you needed to go in a loop getting up to pee finding other shit interesting sitting down again getting up to pee repeat for 20 minutes before you realize it

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