How Long Do Seeds Take To Germinate In Soil?

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  1. Hey, new here to the forum. This is my first grow, where I'm growing three different strains, each in their own red solo cup. Amphetamine, Green Poison, and Nirvana Bubblelicious. All feminized and all autoflower. I did not pre-germinate in a shot glass or a paper towel, I just planted them into the moist soil about 1/4 inch from the surface. The entire grow is in my basement, where the temperature could be 65-69F. I know that's a little cold, I'm working on getting some sort of heating source. The cups are under a 80 watt four-foot fluorescent light 24/7, no plastic wrap was put on top of the cups. Drainage holes are cut at the bottom of the cups for drainage. I'm using 7.0 pH distilled water. No nutes or perlite were added to the soil. How long do you guys think it'll take to germinate and break through? Hopefully that was enough info on my grow, if you need more, feel free to ask.
  2. I'm also growing in Fox Farm Happy Frog organic and natural soil.
  3. I do the same thing you do and just throw it in the soil. Just make sure you keep the top of the soil moist. Use a spray bottle if you have it. 
    It takes mine anywhere from 3 days to 10 days. 10 being an extreme circumstance. 
    Also you don't technically need light on them until they pop out.
    Last winter when I was fighting cold temps while trying to germinate I purchased a reptile heat pad and stuck it to the bottom of a pyrex dish. Place cups in dish. When my house was 65 it kept the middle of the soil at 70-75 degrees. 
  4. Thanks, Kangaroo. I'm going to purchase a heating pad as soon as I can. Probably today.
  5. If all is well should be 4 days. Autos I've come to learn are kinda fickle bitches so who knows. Take it easy on the water in those cool temps and get a fan or damping off could be an issue.
  6. I usually do the wet paper towel in a ziplock bag
    I start 15 and 13

    But 2
    Of them didn't so I threw them away well I returned the soil Into the soil back
    But today! I was potting some plants for the house and found those 2 seeds and the germinate and were growing in the bag
    Let alone its been about 45' - 60' all last week and raining
    I was surprised they grew
  7. How'd it turn out?

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  8. I do soil. Never have issues. 4.5 days sow to sprout

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  9. Spend the money and get a heating mat thermostat before using a mat on your beans. I burned up a batch of beans once from not using one. 35$ from hydro farm. In my experience I have sprouts in max 4.5 days
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