How long do other drugs stay in the system for?

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  1. I was wondering how fast other drugs such as benzos, painkillers, and other pill type drugs remain in the system?

    Also, if you are flushing your system out with niacin, b-12 and cranberry.. then would they leave the body even quicker? Just wondering due to a drug screening coming up on the 24th for my court date. Thanks alot :)
  2. honestly idk but i have no clue why u would post this in this section...try pandoras box
  3. typically 3 - 7 days for pills to be completely metabolized, however there are exceptions.

    those methods you mentioned are for masking the urine by means of dilution. exercise is the only key to increasing metabolism thus ridding the body, but even then there is a limit for excretion. there isn't any easy way to do it, which is also why we have a terrible obesity problem. the ultimate reason being is that thc is fat soluble in short.

    hopefully that helps.
  4. Did you just say the thc in cannabis causes obesity?
  5. Lmao, wow I thought this was Pandoras Box for some reason. I have no clue why I posted this here, I seriously thought I was viewing the Pandora's box hahah!

    Sorry this can be moved.

    And hit it hard, are you saying that me flushing my system out is not getting rid of these drugs.. that doesn't sound too right considering I am pissing constantly, excreting the substance thats in my body along with it.. Can someone that is 100% sure on this correct me?
  6. no. i did not say that at all.

    essentially, that is what i am saying. by using those methods you mentioned you are not "flushing" anything out. you will excrete a small amount of thc metabolites, however the majority of the thc will still be bonded to the fatty acids in your body and slowly metabolized over the course of the next ~3 - 30 days. besides all of that, only about 1/5 of the metabolites are excreted in urine, which means that urination isn't the most effective, although it is the most practical, way to detect these metabolites in panel testing; that is why "flushing" is effective. it's a little more complex than this and especially a little more complex than what you're saying. your body has to, essentially, "digest"/metabolize the substance into what are called metabolites (substances tested for on DT's) because the body uses as much as it can from everything we ingest, including the bad stuff. it also depends entirely on several factors outside of the scope of the internet, such as body weight, BMR, quantity ingested, etc. so what i'm getting at here is that there is no sure-fire way of knowing exactly how long it'll take you, as an individual, to metabolize all of the thc and excrete all of the metabolites, but we can roughly estimate that at 30 days.

    exercise and drink plenty of diuretics (cranberry, tea, etc.) along with a lot of water. i personally wouldn't suggest the b12 regimen, but that's subjective and up to you.

    but hey, if you'd rather have me lie to you, i have no quarrels with that. it's your education and freedom on the line. however, i'd rather you not insult me after i try to help you out when you're the one asking for the help. you should know by now that you need to take everything on the internet with a grain of salt, and you don't need to openly insult my, or anyone else's, intellect while in your position. so all in all, i stand to correct you.
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    I don't recall insulting you, the only words I said that could be taken that way is that doesn't sound too right.

    EDIT: Thanks stoner_lucas you faggot for negative repping me when its extremely uncessary with the comment of "stop posting needless threads that can be answered in 2 seconds through google or erowid...or using the search function"

    I wanted to ask PEOPLE on here not google that has bullshit, I wanted REAL answers from people to my OWN question.

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