how long do orders from magic glass normally take to arrive???

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by farmer zack, May 10, 2010.

  1. just a quick question...when people from the US order glass through GC from Magic Glass, how long do they tend to have to wait to receive their order ?

    reason i ask is the bong i ordered was said to have shipped on april 16th, and the info i was given had me expecting its arrival within a few weeks. it's been more than a few weeks, though i realize only just over two weeks in terms of business days (16 business days).

    is it possible that shipping has been delayed by all the volcanic ash? haha i'm trying to be patient, but i'm just oh-so anxious to toke up out of the bong i ordered...and am being forced to entertain delusional ponderings involving customs seizing the package upon its entry and whatnot
    wish i was
  2. Chances are customs will not sieze the package. Unless you are ordering something illegal there is nothing illegal against a glass vase, or glass paperweight. Sure customs knows what it is, but there is nothing that can be done. GC is very good at making sure their orders pass through customs.

    Also, I wouldn't believe that there would be a difference, as I believe magic glass would just be a brand, unless there's a problem with makers and something is on backorder, I would assume all GC orders would take the same amount of time regarding the order.

    Also, please read this thead regarding question's about orders:

    As this forum is used for website feedback. Hope I've help :)
  3. thanks for your reply! now i feel like a tool for posting my question in here...:eek:

    only reason i mentioned the fact that my order was from magic glass is that their pieces are made only after the order's been placed, so there's a slightly different shipping situation (or at least it seemed like it when i ordered).

    but again, thanks for taking time to point me in the right direction...enjoy those opiates!
  4. Dam man i feel your pain i ordered the new 2000 perc magic glass bong and its been about 3 weeks and iv been dying for this thing to rip :(((( feels like forever...
  5. SO how long did it take for yu to get the bong????

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