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How long do marijuana seeds take to die?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by folied, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. How long will seeds stay fresh so they germinate for? how long can u store them
  2. I've germinated 3 year old seeds, so...years. ;)
  3. With 0% humidity, an air-tight environment, and a pitch black storage space, I imagine seeds last indefinitely. Even with conditions that aren't just perfect, I would still say years.
  4. I brought some guirillas gusto back from the dam about 4/5 years ago, kept 2 in the sensi seeds box in my fridge and planted them about 2 weeks ago and they didn't germinate, but i planted them straight into soil so that woulndn't have helped, I'm sure i've seen posts on here that were succesfull after numerous years ( prob with proper germination technique :)
  5. my bro is still poppin 35yo Gold Columbian seeds. gets about 1/10 to germ but hey, its fekin Gold Columbian man :hippie:
  6. Seeds last forever; that's why there's seedbanks in Antarctica...
  7. Seedbanks in Antarctica? Clue me in please.
  8. Yeah, Bill Gates and Rockefellow have a massive seed bank in the arctic so when the worlds crops die off thru lack of polination they can make billions and rule the world. I'm wondering which strains of MJ they decided to put in there :D

  9. DO not expose your seeds to cold. It will mess up the cell structure causing death or extremely slow growth. Best Storage is air tight humid free box/jar.
  10. def years!!! most seed banks keep their seed at 5 percent humidity... but def years if they r stored correctly

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