HOw long do I need to veg a clone to get an oz./plant?

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  1. I have a couple of high yielding strains which i'm taking clones of (Blue Hash, Blue Cheese, Gigabud) and am wondering how long sholuld I veg each plant if I want to get 1 - 1.5 oz per plant? I am using Fox Farm Ocean forest as a medium and All of the Fox Farm Products except Open Sesame (Is it worth buying)

    Ive only grown Autos before (Easy Rider), so any help would be appreciated.

  2. BTW, they are under 8 , 4ft T5's for veg and will be under 2-600W HPS for Flower. Will probably have them in 3x3 squares (18 total)
  3. probably not long....9 plants per 600w HPS should be able to do an ounce with little to no veg time, I would wager.

    there are a ton of other factors, which youve not mentioned, that could effect the outcome, but it shouldnt be difficult to achieve IMO.
  4. a good rule of thumb is 6 nodes. at 6 nodes you will get (approx) a 3ft plant (mine in DWC do 1-3oz).

    a node is where the fan leaves emerge, also where the flowers begin to form.
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  5. Thanks for the info..I guess I'll be going about 3-4 weeks from clone. Question, I have a few plants (Gigabud, Blue Cheese, Blue Hash, Moby Dick) which have been vegging for 2 1/2 months and are all around 2 1/2 FT. High. How much can I expect to get out of these high yielding strains? Ballpark of course.....

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    i just yielded about an oz per plant on one strain and about 3/4 an oz a plant on the other with 6 under a 400 watt hps using mostly canna bio line.. they vegged to maybe 2 1/2 feet tall. ended up with the tops being around 3. so ya you can easily do it as long as you dont give it any hard stresses.

    edit and its only my second indoor grow so i'll have better results next run.

  7. Hey Buddy!
    Its picking a decent yielder of course as far as strain goes but most its the wattage you can provide in a room set accordingly to hold your temps at 77 when lights on(Night) and good ventilation of fresh air. Pot size is the first thing we will look at. and what you feed with. I will tell you from my start a few years back I did soil and it does nothing compared to what coco does for me now. I also have to say its huge on the feed you do and the waters in between say every 3rd feed too. I just use my biologicals after Ph @ 5.8 for coco in R/O ONLY! with 5 mls of cal mag per gallon. ....#1 its the genetics at about 90% and the rest of the 10% is controlling the environment. And this is huge too my friend. Hoods.....Don;t waste your time with low price equiptment. Buy either XXL magnum ochos or Raptors. I disagree with all about the 600 watters they blow get some 1k's running and you won't ever use a 600 again. Basically I do 5 gallon tall pots with Coco and I use House and gardens full line. I do replace their algen extract with Primordial solutions sea green and the combination of Roots excel and that make the feed nice and foam with delicious beneficial bacterias. I get over 100 grams off every Blue dream cut I have and do about 70grams min with the Pre 98 bubba and I do 100 grams on the El Jefe. Here is a thing to consider as well. Pick 8 wk strains you can get more in in a year and there are some epic 8wkers out there if you look hard enough. Never judge a strain by strain....Its the top pheno cut you seek so make sure you see a finished product first before wasting time and money. If you want my mix from wk 1-8 holla it cost about 2200 to do 32 in 8wks thats all over head. Peace! Hope it helps.
  8. thousand watters are great if you have the ventilation and space. personally i like the 600's cause there cheaper < i got one on ebay with the cool tube hangers and a timer for 91.00 a deal i know but usually get them for $150. its $300+ for a 1k watt and i get 1200 for that price with the 2x600. plus i can spread them out across my tent for better light coverage, and since they dont run as hot as a 1k i can get them closer to my plants

    just my opinion dont go all crazy bashing me and defending your 1k's.
    i arrive and depart in peace :)
  9. great thread people this is a great question i heard for each watt you get a gram would love to hear if thats true,
    im running a thousand watter on 9 cloners and my mommy which looks like atleast more than 4 cloners and someone told me im only getting about 4oz out of 14crown colas that are as fat as a shaving cream bottle if anyone can help me figure how much im going to yeild that would be great, im used to outdoors getting a qp a plant and theses babbys are almost as big as mine get outside but thanks for all the advice im going to get 2 600's to try what trykhome said +rep

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