How long do i need to grow plants to get a decent amount of hasb?

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  1. Summer is pretty much over. I am currently homeless. So nowhere to grow. And it doesn't look like I am getting a house anytime soon. But whatever. I need to make some money and hash is hard to find out here. So i figure maybe I could grow like ten to twenty plants in the backyard then use them for hash. Would that work? How long would I need to grow them for before I could grind them up for hash?
  2. Well grow them until there finished, when the hairs on the buds are mostly amber coloured.
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    Did you read the thread? I can't we up inside right now. And there is only like a month of summer left. Maybe 2. I live in Seattle so it's gonna get cold.

  4. What ?? so you have plants already or your asking on when to grow ?? can you be more specific. What exactly do you need help with.
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    Yea maybe I wasn't explaining well enough. I have seeds. There is maybe 2 months of sun left. So I am asking if I could plant sAid seeds and let them grow for as long as possible then kill them once it gets too cold. And if I did that would I get a good amount of hash? Or would that not even be worth if?
  6. Yeh that would work, as long as you plant soon that would work.

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