How long do i need to flush?

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  1. Been hitting that koolbloom dry which apparently is some hardcore shit. Does that mean i need to flush extra long to get rid of it? How would i know when i've flushed enough?

  2. When you're smoking it you'll know what kind of bud you've grown. Before that it's all about your judgement and patience/willpower.
  3. I always flush for at least a week and it always tastes like hydro weed. Not sure if it wasn't flushed properly or that's just the taste when you grow with synthetics. Nice clean white ash so guess it was flushed. Also did a 2 stage harvest so the bottom halves had no food for probably closer to 3 weeks...
  4. How do you flush?

    I just got done flushing 5 minutes ago. I'm a little late this round and will be chopping after 5 days whereas last round I flushed a full ten with great results.

    I just ran 35 gallons thru 12 3 gallon smart pots and got a full 18 gallon tote full of runoff. Ill put another 25 gallons or so thru in 2 or 3 days.
  5. Do that daily. Man im telling ya those powdered chems are worse. For 3 gallon pots run about 6 gallons of water thru them. Thats my .02
  6. That was gonna be my next question, how often? I'm in no hurry so might do it for two weeks. Better safe than sorry
  7. I think flushing is a myth, proper growing and curing is where your smoothness and flavor comes from. I actually think that starving your plants of nutrients in the final week(s) does more harm than good. I've tested a lot of flushed vs nonflushed and there is little to no difference all other things being equal.
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    Ding ding ding, winner winner chicken dinner..;)
    It's been MHE that when I don't overfeed my girls throughout their life, flushing becomes less of a concern if any..The trick for me is finding that sweet spot between over-feeding and under-feeding which can lead to deficiencies..But that's where reading what the girls are telling you, is what matters most(to me)..
    FWIW I never flush my coco with plain H2O..Not saying flushing is pointless..The lower levels of 'P' in my latest mix, along with (as stated) proper grow, dry/cure, is helping the smoothness in my final product..
    As usual, YMMV..:cool:
  9. This run i dropped hydroplex and used big bud cause the P was lower then potassium. And somewhere i read that its resposible for chemy smoke.

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