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How long do i let my pipe soak in alcohol

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Chiefmasterflex, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. Im wondering how long i would let my pipe soak in 70% alcohol, i plan on running the alcohol, after its done soaking, through coffee filters and letting the alcohol evaporate and have something to smoke cause im broke atm... i would also appreciate if anyone could fill me in on how long it would take to evaporate, or an effective way to quickly burn the alcohol out so i dont have to wait forever, thanks.
  2. til its clean

    and thats gross...
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    Desperate much?
    Cause thats a straight path to a dirty taste and headache.
  4. no shit im desperate, i wanna get high o.o and helpfull answers please, i dont care if u think its as bad as commiting murder to do this, im doing it anyways so helpfull answers would be great
  5. I think it is as bad as committing murder?
    Im justa saying that perhaps showing some self control, and refraining from smoking evaporated asshole would be just what the doctor ordered.

  6. lol never said u thought it was as bad as murder, just trying to say that i dont care how bad anyone thinks it is, its what i wanna do. if u had any helpful tips id appreciate it, and no i have no restrant
  7. Howbout you just put your alcohol w solutes in a nonstick pan and evaporate it on the stove? (low heat)

    Remember, alcohol fumes are extremely flammable, so don't smoke a cig near it or anything like that.

    When it's done, scrape up the res with a plastic card or something.

    Come on son, you're a stoner, you're sposed to be creative.
  8. can someone just answer his question lol... im interested to know

    in case you forgot, "How long do i let my pipe soak in alcohol"
  9. again, til its clean.... no one could tell you.

    it goes faster if you shake it every once in a while
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    here we go dood.

    soak yer pipe in a glass , enough isopropanol to cover it. let it soak anywhere from a half hr to an hr. then youll see it seeping a brown/ orange color. now, start scrubbing away at it with whatever you can get (best would be like a small brush, paperclip, maybe qtip.) and get all the gunk clean. then resoke the pipe and let it sit for the time it sat before. notice how much orange/brown is seeping out of the pipe this time and decide if you need to keep going, adding each smple of propanol to the first. evaporation can be as simple, but as long, as letting it sit in an open room/garage in light for prolly 24-30 hours. if its very well ventalated (outside or garage with door up.) you could fill a tray with very hot water, and put the evaporating glassware in that, to speed up the procedure.

    there are other ways to make it evaporate faster, but i feel the next steps would be dangerous to do at home.

    btw, you prolly dont need to run through coffee filters. in my experience if you poor slowly enough the major sediments will stay it the glass your pouring it out of.

    oh yea, in case you havent realized, ive done this before, and I find it awful compared to ANYTHING green to smoke
  11. You could just keep it in boiling hot water for a little bit

  12. I just got a fucking headache from reading this and just imagining smoking something that has been soaked in alcohol. Well have fun dying. :hello:
  13. Alcohol evaporates, so as long as he slow burns it off or lets it sit long enough, he's in no danger of dying. A lot of people find resin to be gross, but there are a ton of people who, whether through financial problems or connect issues, are unable to acquire bud. Resin(it's actually residue, but we all call it resin) is a good option for them.
  14. Put your bowl into a ziplock bag and cover with 70-95% alcohol. Close bag. Shake around vigorously every 5 minutes or so until you feel it's clean. Let evaporate. Smoke.

    Don't know why people have to judge and spout opinions. It's Toker's Q&A, not Toker's opinions on how you should do things.

  15. oh yeah, add some kosher salt to the iso, put in a plastic bag, let it sit for about 10 minutes, then shake it until you can't shake it any more. should be fairly clean by then, if not just take a paper clip or ideally a pipe cleaner or flexible wire brush and run it past the resin, it will come off in a snap.
  16. If you're that desperate, you should consider quitting.
  17. YES this is my first post, but i would like to add that resin smoking isnt unheard of around where i live, many people wait for their pipe to get dirty so they can clean it and see what it comes out to, just a few days ago my friend scraped out his glass spoon, and giant pebbles of resin fell out, we then filled the bowl and got high as fuck off some resin
  18. But, personally, i wash out my pipe with hot water after a few uses
  19. It evaporates, its by far one of the best solutions to clean glass.
  20. To be completely honest if your pipe is sufficiently ressed up enough you can just take a paper clip or a bobby pin and get the majority of it out, sort of roll it into a ball and set it aside, then clean your pipe with alcohol and discard anything that comes out with the use of alcohol.

    Smoke the resin that you get from scraping. It'll get you high but it's sort of a bummer high and it tastes awful and will often cause a headache.

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