how long do i have??

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  1. howdy all,
    i've got 6 plants growing in soil under 430 hps.
    went from 24 to 12/12 four days ago.
    being a first - time grower, i THINK i've got 2 females from the looks of them(pistils)....but not 100% sure as of yet.
    how long do i have before i MUST get males outta there (before pollenization occurs).
    should i put plants (i think are males) outside to be safe?!?

    sure would appreciate any info.
  2. The males will have little small flowers that start out looking like grape clusters. When they open all the way, they release pollen.Eleiminate the males as soon as you are 100% sure. Let your first suspect develop on enough where you can compare it to a picture of a male. You may only seed out a couple of buds one female but that's OK.
  3. Males have 'balls'
    If you see what looks like a tiny set of balls, about the size of an average pot seed, then it's a male. If you let it go it will open up to a tiny pretty flower with white petals. If it gets to that point, you're f&$ed.
    Females will only have threads, no balls.
  4. helpful info!!!!!

  5. Why will he be fucked?
  6. i believe becuz budz will be chock full o' seeds, if pollenization occurs, that is.

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