How Long Do Good Buds Stay Good?

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  1. I am a new grower with 10 plants (8 ball Cush, Bonita, green poison auto) under 600 HID and fluorescents almost 3 weeks since germination. Plants look great and im hoping for a good harvest. my question is I'm one guy and am wondering how long after harvest my buds will stay righteous and how to store for long term! Any advice is appreciated!
  2. I'm pretty sure as long as they are properly cured and dried that they would stay fine for years (may lose some potency as time goes on) but I've never had the problem of having too much bud. Longest I've had bud was an oz I lost in my attic one time, found it about a year later and was still as dank as ever.
  3. Silky is correct, you can grow, learn to harvest and mature you buds, they can last for years, avoid sunlight once in the mason jar, rotate the buds 1x time per day, allow to breathe, all makes a big difference
  4. I had a quart mason jar full of Nirvana's Papaya stored in the dark at room temperature for 2-1/2 years and it was incredible.  I only opened the jar every now and then to take a tiny piece for celebration.  Make sure it's dried properly and kept at room temperature and it should be fine.
  5. I have a jar of weed that I grew in 2007. It's still two hit shit. Keep it out of the light and at room temperature and it should last a LOOOOOONG time. 
  6. Store your flowers properly, sealed in glass jars and they should store for as long as you need em.
  7. For me personally (not saying this is the same for everyone), is after about 2 months in the mason jar, I can get high grade bud that stays high grade for about a month. After that, it starts degrading, and after about 6 month, it turns into mids, after 9 months its just dried swag. Still get me high and i'll still smoke it, but it tastes like shit and does not give me an energetic high. I get that spaced out kinda high where i am just fuckin spaced out.
  8. I've kept my harvests in mason jars for upwards of a year.....the appearance, smell, taste and potency all continue to improve with time.   That said, I find after a few months that my smoke becomes more stoney and the psychoactive chemicals continue to degradeand metabolize with time.    Right now I'm smoking some Female Seeds C99 that had been curing for 7 months, it's's like getting hit with a pineapple every time I open the jar.
    For long term storage I keep a digital hygrometer in my jars so I can monitor the humidity and burp as needed.   I like to keep mine around 63-65% for long term storage. 
  9. Put them in a glass jar. Cover and throw it in ur refrigerator. It will last for ever!!""

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