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How long do edibles keep unrefrigerated?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by diggles1, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Hey guys so in maybe 3 or so weeks I am going on a holiday. i'll be going their with relatives, staying for a week and then coming back on the bus by myself. the bus trip takes about 10-11 hours.

    i was wondering, how long do edibles keep if you dont put them in the freezer/fridge? Because I would probably make them a few days (a week at the most) before I leave because I am still living with my parents, so i would need to wait till they're not home. After that I could chuck them in the freezer, in a small lunch box, but then I would take them out and they would be hiding with all my food for a bout a week (maybe 2) :S

    so yeah, how long do edibles last before they go bad?

    PS: i will probably be making fire crackers since they seem the easiest to make, unless someone else can suggest something different.

  2. I try to not go any more than 5-7 days unfrozen.
  3. Okay thanks mate. Bit disappointing that they might not last but doesn't matter ill still eat them as long as they have no obvious mould and don't stink too bad hahaha :)

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