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How long do drugs stay in your system?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by xcraighebert, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Here's a pretty accurate chart for all my blades who are unsure whether or not they will pass their DT.

    I'll be putting this in my sig, so if you ever need to see the chart, just try to find me.


    This should give you some insight as to how long good ole maryjane will be in your system for.

    The Marijuana Drug Test detection time-urinalysis
    Light smoker or acute dosage 1-3 days
    Moderate use (4x / week) 3-5 days
    Heavy smoker (daily) 10 days
    Heavy, chronic use (5+ joints/day) 10-21+ days
    Oral ingestion 1-5 days

    NOTE: The above chart gives approximate detection periods for each substance by test type.
    The ranges depend on amount and frequency of use, metabolic rate, body mass, age, overall health, drug tolerance, and urine pH.

    Stay high blades
  2. thanks dude, good shit

  3. dont you just love how the least harmful of them all last the longest? its fucked up, i know a couple people who sold coke to a surgeon, because its so easy to get outta your system.
  4. Nice post.
    i was wondering about this.
    because i'm gonna take x soon.
  5. No problem, just helping out my fellow blades :)

    I do agree that it sucks, but as long as you smoke in moderation and are active, it's not really that big of a problem. If you smoke two blunts everyday, well then you're in trouble come DT time.

    Have a good time with that! MDMA is my favorite of all drugs.
    The feeling you get from two good rolls is indescribable.
  6. this should be a sticky
  7. haha, thanks! :)
  8. bumping for more blades to see :cool:

  9. www.erowid.org should be a Fucking Sticky.

    ANY question on DT's, half-lives of drugs, experiences, historical timeline, etc...

    Good chart, non-the-less.

    But for all new and experienced users, erowid is the shit. It can save you from a possible OD.
  10. this is good to know, even though I keep it green :cool:
  11. Wait, so if I just smoke a couple bowls and then don't smoke again for a week, it's out of my system?
  12. Yeah, you have to smoke consistently for it to stay in your system long-term
  13. Wow. That would've saved me a lot of nervous waits waiting for my DT results to be announced.
  14. yea but you cant smoke mad bud, and then convert over to a bowl a week n all of a sudden have it change to only a few days, it'll keep your level going up steadily from the long term use and basically it'll be in ur system til you stop smokin for a month

    but from a totally clean urine, smoking once a week will only stay in ur system for a lil while
  15. Nice info dude, Thanks. +rep.
  16. I can back up the smoking once a week and it being out fast. Ive taken dts 3 days after smoking a big session and pass.
    There's alot of variables, its different for everyone. I happen to have a fast metabolism. yay?
  17. #17 kush452, Sep 15, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 15, 2008
    ha i just want to share my experience with drug tests.
    I have been on once a week drug test from december 28, 2007. I have to go randomly once a week. Well the story goes like this. i got woke up about 15 min before my drug test from my mom because she knew i had to go. usually i wake up about 2 hours before and dilute myself so i can pass. Now with 15 minutes i dont really have enough time to drink water and dilute myself so i go to the place which is local and i piss my morning piss. I smoked at approx 4pm. the previous day and i still passed my drug test. I surely thought i would have failed. but somehow i passed. I know my friends who have failed the drug test so i know it not a bogus testing place. I think i am a rare thing when it comes to drugs staying in my systems. or substances in general because ive also passed a drug test after a 3 day beige of XTC. 22 pills and i had a drug test 12 hours after my last dose of XTC. wierd. I am a freak.

    Edit. i smoke on a daily basis with maybe like 7 days outta the month where i can get any bud.
  18. You consumed 22 pills in 3 days? You must be superman, because at the very most I could probably get maybe 10-12 pills down in that short amount of time.
  19. ha. actually they were not the greatest e pills so 22 was not that hard.
  20. This helps. +rep plus 5 star rating xD

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