How Long Do 250W Cfl Last? When To Replace?

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  1. hi am gonna try 250w CFL just for a small grow how long do they last when should they be replaced?

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    A very long time, replace when it burns out.
    10,000-30,000 hours, replace when measured light output is about %75 rated or the ends char up.
  3. do i need to replace it with 250w or can i use 200w bulbs found some 200w cheaper than the kit i've just got, so if they need to be replaced  i could buy the cheaper 200w one but will it work in a 250w setup? ive been using 400w HPS i know a 250w HPS bulb wouldnt work in my ballast but new to CFL i havent a clue
  4. The 200 will fit. You'll just be 50w dimmer.
  5. cfl are self ballest so you can use any in a e40 socket attached to mains only reason hps os spacific is its jot self balssat but uses a balast set to a certain wattage and ignitor

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