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How long did it take you to roll good joints?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smilingbacon, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. So I just tried rolling a joint.

    It was a complete fail and i'm wondering how long it usually takes for people to start rolling good.
  2. My first time i rolled a joint better than my friend who was rolling joints for over a year, but then again he was only 8 and didnt even know how to spell weed.
  3. It took me a little while to get a hang of rolling joints, but as soon as I did, I started rolling some good ones. Practice makes perfect.

  4. I use a joint roller :p, so about 2.5 seconds lol
  5. its been about a year and i still suck dick at rolling joints... now blunts, well thats a different story :D
  6. It really depends on how much you try to roll, the more you practice the better they get. Also almost everyone's first joint turns out shitty.
  7. Bought papers for the first time, fucking sucked.

    Watched youtube videos of people rolling them a couple days after.

    Went back into practicing rolling around week 2-3.

    Found a great method of rolling after my second pack of rolling papers one month into rolling j's.
  8. ive never had to go through the hassle of rolling, i just smoke bowls all the time. i also save mad dank by doing that :D
  9. I got pretty good at rolling about 2 years into toking. I'm a strong believer that joints should always have a crutch.
    Heres some I rolled the past week.

    I coulda sworn I had more joint photos on my phone but idk where they went.

    The first j is a hash/middies joint and the second j is a lil micro joint I rolled before bed.

    Attached Files:

  10. I grew up watching my parents roll joints so it came kind of naturally for me but I have to rolls on the table. They don't ever set it down. Just keep practicing. Eventually you will learn or buy a nice pipe :)
  11. about 3 months i guess, rolling 3-5 joints a week, i wouldn't call me self a pro but i can get the herb where it needs to go.

    Tho now i have a vaporizer i have a prediction that my joint skillz are gonna go down hill!
  12. I still do not know how to roll one. I can pack a bowl good though :)

    Something I should learn for sure.
  13. It took me about a month and I was rolling at least two joints per day. After a while, I got bored and started to roll blunts. Blunts took me about 2 months, but I can now roll a Hella nice blunt that burns for a long time. Practice makes perfect

  14. honestly it took me about a month to master, the key is to actually ROLL the joint, don't try and force a cylinder shape, slowly roll it into a tight cone, or whatever shape your prefer.
  15. it took me like 5 joints to get good at rolling.
  16. Believe it or not my dad taught me how to roll, and it was smooth sailing from there, took me about a month to master it, it's like something you never forget how to do once u learned
  17. I'm not sure why, but I have like a talent for rolling. First time I smoked I could roll a better joint then my friend (who had been smoking for a loooong time). Either that or everyone I've smoked with is shit at rolling.
  18. Been rolling eight years. Been rolling blunts half that.

    My rolling hit next level when I perfected the tuck and started using a filter.
  19. just keep practicing with tobacco until u get them right, then go for the real deal
  20. I don't usually brag but I regularly get compliments on my joints :)

    I started by watching youtube videos. Everyone rolled it differently so I just learned a little bit here and there. Plus it kinda helped that I had to have near perfect joints, so when the joint didn't come out good I just tore it up and rolled a new one.

    The most important part for me in rolling joints is the texture of the weed. Pain in the ass if the weed is dry, sticky-isky weed usually makes rolling easier.

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