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How long did it take you to get good at rolling?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Taylordank, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. I practice rolling alot, and seem to struggle with what style to conquer but i cant get it right, im still rolling lose joints and they burn so fast anyone have any tips besides "practice" because thats all i have been doing?

    Anyway how long did it take you to pearl a blunt/joint(i really only roll joints).

  2. i never rolled a joint in my life, but i have owned papers. a lot of my buddies can roll so it isn't an issue for me most of the time. plus, i have my mini bubbler
  3. at first I rolled a bunch of crappy thick J's that would smoke harshly.. after about 5-10 tries they were ok, but now 2 years later i'd say you learn a bit every time you roll and get a bit better. Now I can roll awesome cones with ease and am working towards hand rolling L's
  4. Accomplished rolling is a journey, not a destination.
  5. iv always been able to roll a smokable joint but i took up rolling cigs for a while and thats where i mastered my art :)

    try rolling with 2 papers stuck together to give you more paper to work with and more room to roll.
    i find this way you can easily fold the paper over the weed and pull it in tight then start to roll it up :)
    useing a table as like a backboard is alot easier then holding it in the air and rolling also
  6. i started off horribly, i know you don't want to hear it but it really does just take a lot of practice and patience. My best friend just recently started to roll because i got sick of rolling every joint every time we burned, it took him about 2-3 weeks to get good at it, now hes rolling almost as good as me. here are some tips

    -be patient, and very gentle with your fingers

    -when you have the herb in the paper, pack it down a little bit with a pencil or even your finger so when you start to roll it, the herb doesn't fall out

    -try rolling with the roach already in the paper, it makes it easier to roll a cone and once its rolled theres no need to put a roach in it!

    -use a pencil to poke/pack the end that doesn't have the roach in it so it gets tighter throughout the joint.

    the best advice i can give you, is to be patient and not rush, once you start to get aggrevated, YOU ARE FUCKED
  7. I used to roll really loose blunts until a tip from a friend took my skills to the next level. The tip was to roll the blunt between your thumb and forefinger and get the weed packed tight so its easier to roll. Now I roll cannons!
  8. blunts are totally different than joints. but it took me probably 5-10 before i could really roll them nicely, though all but my first were smokeable.
    joints, a good 50 before i got it down, but probably only 10-15 before they were consistently smokeable. i practiced with this incense stuff. i used to love to smoke it in semi public areas like right behind an elementary school.
    i suggest you practice with tobacco or (preferably) buy a pipe and never smoke a joint again.
  9. ive always been able to roll smokeabe joints, but they were pretty loose which caused extreme boating( uneven burning) go to youtube and look up how to roll a joint, you will get thousands of videos hahaha watch them in your free time and try to understand the art as much as you can so that you can improve every time you roll and so you know what you did wrong. also search for my man mastahrolla on youtube and look at his joint rolling videos. that shit helps haha after i practiced for so long now im able to roll amazing joints that burn for around 8 or 9 min hahaha
  10. The art of rolling is one of patience and technique. If you practice poor technique you will get good at rolling poor joint. Use youtube to find some shots of people rolling try and find them in slomo if you can. Read up on what it takes for joints to burn evenly throughout and how to make a proper spliff. Practice using different methods until you find the one(s) that click for you.
  11. months...

    tip: - lay out the bud + baccy nicely and your halfway there. Beginners always cram to much unevenly in, which makes it hard to tuck the paper in.
    - tap down loads, and cram more in. ( this is how i rolled nice joints before i went pro, if they aren't tight, you can make them tight )

  12. My biggest problem is that it seems like it burns really fast because it isnt tight enough. For me boating is fairly easy to control, its just the damn speed of my joint.
  13. yeah mate sounds like your not rolling tight enough and try rolling more conical for a slower and tastier burn, just put more at one end..
  14. i was okay at it even when i started, but it took me a few months to be able to roll perfect fat cones consistently. wind is my only enemy when it comes to rolling.
  15. as long as you set it up evenly and make sure you have a roach as thick as the joint and get a good tuck from the bottom up
  16. Maybe this helps on technique?

    [ame=]How to roll the perfect joint! Best tutorial guaranteed - YouTube[/ame]
  17. by the time i got through my first pack i could roll joint all day no problem
  18. took me years. I still can't roll a perfect joint. I used tobacco at first to practice, i got the rolling technique down, but i didnt get the mix right, i put in too much tobacco. after that, i mixed around with the combination, and i still havent got it perfect, but i'd say my joints are...decent?
  19. I started with bible paper for like a couple days, all were shitty cause it didn't stick.

    I got my first 1 paper from a friend, a rizla king I think, and rolled a nice one first try LOL.

    I'm a prodigy I guess :smoke:
  20. a good way to combat the looseness is, don't be a pussy. don't be afraid of using force to get it tight. instead of being scared of ripping the papers (i was at first) just use some force

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