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How long did it take you to build up a tolerance to weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by CheechIsChong, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Last night i smoked a few joints and a bong hit of some
    very very strong weed and i literally just felt a really
    intense weird feeling where i was thinking about things
    in such depth it freaked me out quite a bit.
    My hearing also was so blurred i could hardly hear anything?

    I have smoked weed for about 2 years and thinking about it this morning
    my friends will smoke a few spliffs and go out on a bike ride or go see
    some friends when i just find myself totally nonfunctional. How long
    did it take you to build up a tolerance to weed where you could
    act or seem fairly normal on it?
  2. Can't put a finger on it, but once I started smoking every day lol. One day it'll hit you, you will just finish smoking, think about it and be like, "shit man... I can smoke a lot of weed now"

    Another great indicator is when you are with less experienced smokers and they are all ripped and you're still like soooo... wanna smoke again? hahaha

  3. LOOL Thank you, thats actually very helpful :D
  4. probably about a year.

    It probably depends on your habbits. You are either an everyday smoker, or an occasional smoker. I think once you start smoking everyday, you will have a tolerance within a couple weeks. I think it just takes people a year or two to transition from just starting to being a full time everyday smoker.

  5. I smoke everyday but either in the day or at night, im never blazed literally the whole day

  6. yea..

    i feel like you can really only get high once a day. after that first smoke it isnt the same.

    sometimes I like to wait until night time and get extra high... but most of the time i just wake and bake and smoke all day if i have nothin to do.
  7. it's all relative to you. the more you smoke, the faster it goes up. i've found if i smoke normally for a few weeks after taking a t break, then go to my buddys house and smoke out of one of his bongs all weekend, my tolerance shoots right up. i try to make myself stick to pipes and joints, but i just bought a new bubbler and i've got the feeling my tolerance is gonna go up pretty fast...

  8. happens to me all the time, I'm glad others out there feel my pain lol. As far as tolerance goes, I'd agree that once you start smoking regularly (once a day +) you'll notice higher tolerance. Personally, it took me all through high school and into college before i really had any tolerance but now....:smoke:
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    This exactly haha once I started smoking multiple times a week I started realising that I could actually get shit done :) you definitely will notice when your ready to hit another bowl and everyone else is near comatose haha
  10. Didn't really start to notice a tolerance until after a solid 6 months of daily toking

    Then I went about a year of being high constantly, and my tolerance was ridiculous. I had a surplus of dank weed all the time... Now i just toke once a day, at night, and it keeps my tolerance relatively low for me.
  11. I only find this to be the case if I smoke before I eat breafast. I think the low blood sugar levels effect the high, and then what with the leptin supply being affected, it effects your whole digestive system and also your subsequent highs for the day. Or maybe I'm just unique
  12. i took a quick tbreak in hawaii (smoked 2 times in 10 days) and when i came back, my tolerance was fucked. I threw up a few times from smoking too much weed because i was used to my old tolerance and i just kept smoking. i'd say... 3 days and then I could smoke as much as I used to (i got SUPER fucked up like every day, it was awesome)
  13. Or you can be a lightweight like me. I have been smoking everyday for the past year. I'm not literally a lightweight, I'm 5'10 and 155 pounds.... About average. But I have never had a tolerance in all the days that I have been smokin. I still get toasted on one hit. It's pretty fuckin awesome.
  14. Hahaha this happens all the time when im driving around with my friends who don't smoke as much, after like a bowl or 2 they can't even talk and im like loading a new bowl and they are just like "are you crazy man??"
    nah man. im not crazy, im just not high.
  15. Yeah tolerance sucks. I used to only smoke now and again, and one joint had me lyin' there stoned out of my mind, but I've been smoking daily for just over a year now and I can have a joint and still ride a bike or do other shit that I wouldn't have expected to be able to do high when I first started smoking. Thinking of taking a T break, but a couple of nights not sleeping, plus all the other crap that goes with temporerily not being a stoner does my head in almost as much. I have noticed that I get the feeling that I'm not "more" stoned when I've smoked a load but "deeper" stoned if anyone gets what I mean? So I guess I'd say if you smoke every day for 6 months you build up a tolerance, an 12 months is when it starts to get silly.
  16. i guess after a couple months of everyday i realized that i wasnt fetting as high as my friends
  17. It took about 3-4 months of smoking all day every day for a tolerance to build up for me. One bowl will still get me high, yeah, but not as high as it used to. The good thing is that even taking a day off will have a positive impact on how high I get the next time. If I wait even 2-3 days I can get mangled from a small amount.
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    This is the truth haha. I've started to notice this lately.
  19. Tolerance happens because of frequency, not quantity. If you to smoke 3 joints and a bong hit every Saturday night, only once a week---you will probably get the same effect each time.

    When you smoke 3 joints every night, or almost every night, you're tolerance will increase.

    Mine obviously incresed when I started smoking daily, and even more when I started smoking multiple times throughout the day.
  20. 3 months everyday

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