How long could you last?

Discussion in 'General' started by figarofigaro, Aug 3, 2012.

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    You're in this room. Everyday at 12PM and 12AM a small meal is placed in the room by an unknown hand. The meal is the same everyday. A portion of rice, and a protein source. You can get unlimited water from the sink of course, but the only thing you can hold it in is your hands.

    Every time you try and have a conversation with the hand giving you your food he ignores you. You have no windows. You have no internet. And you don't have any contact with the outside world what so ever.

    You have a pound of marijuana and a tiny one hitter, 50 pack of bic lighters.

    How long can you last until you crack?

    (I dunno why I was thinking about this so much tonight, but.. yea.) :smoke:
  2. I would honestly work out like a motherfucker... Counting the days I've spent rotting in that cell... The only thing you can do in these situations is wait...
  3. Smoking would suck on that kind of diet.
    I'd be miserably hungry all the time.
    In other words, I wouldn't last long at all.
  4. Bro there's a window in that pic :smoke:

    I could last until natural death. Without the weed.
  5. I could smoke the pound and be done . So long enough to smoke the pound

  6. Shit dude pretend its not there ahaha :smoke:
  7. Okay you see that small little window, i kick it out or break it any way i can and i jump out with the pound of marajuana :). I win.
  8. Hours, I'd be suprised if I made it more then a day.

    Get real high, go inside your bathroom. Turn off the lights and sit down. I'd walk out of the bathroom in a minute. Even then you have an option.
  9. [quote name='"Demiurge"']Bro there's a window in that pic :smoke:

    I could last until natural death. Without the weed.[/quote]

    Awww you beat me to the window......
  10. [quote name='"figarofigaro"']

    Shit dude pretend its not there ahaha :smoke:[/quote]

    You should add that you are in a building 500 stories tall.
  11. I dunno.........
    Where's that sun shining from?
  12. Id last a couple months.
  13. hang myself with one of the sheets
  14. whats worse than having to live in that tiny space? Sharing that tiny, non ventilated space, with another human being. My luck, it would be with the one dude whos made up religion insists that bathing is a sin.:(:smoke::smoke:

    i always am watching those "lockup raw" shows for one reason.... to remind me why i should never do too many illegal things, and try my hardest not to commit felonies.
  15. Getting high is pointless if your in a box with nothing to do.
  16. [quote name='"notajew"']Getting high is pointless if your in a box with nothing to do.[/quote]

    Burn the whole pound of weed in the room with all the bics and cause one massive hotbox.... Hopefully you'll suffokate to death.
  17. ^^damn you beat me to it.

    this is the answer.
  18. ^^great minds think alike. What can i say.
    Although its apparent that Mine thinks a couple minutes faster than yours :p
  19. Grab that fuckers hand when he gives me food and tell him to let me out or i'll break it off. There is no waiting.

    I want answers. Now.

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