How long can you veg?

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  1. I was wondering if you could veg a plant for something crazy like a year or even 5 years then go into flower. Wow, wouldn't that produce like 100 lbs of bud? Or would the plant loose strength and die over time?

    Sorry If I sound noobish, I just don't know a lot about growing yet.

  2. I'd say if you had enough space for roots and the plant, you can veg it for as long as neccessary.
    Although, i can't see anyone keeping a plant in veg for that length of time, when you can just take a few clones from it and start over again, you'll still have the same genetics.
  3. There are two different schools of thought. One is to veg a plant out for a long time and have a huge harvest. The problem is that you only have a couple of harvests per year. The other method is a short veg period and then flower. The harvests are smalller, but there are more of them.

    Which is better? Who knows. My biggest fear about the long veg is something happening during flowering and you loose the whole crop - a lot of time down the drain.

    Goood Luck!
  4. I've usually gone for short veg then flower and have been fine w/ the results. I am in a situation now where I couldn't flower for 6 months so I veg'd a NYC Diesel in a 10 gal container. Just threw her in to flower using a LST method. Pulled down, the plant measures 7ft x 4ft. Common sense tells me that I might not be happy w/ a ton of tiny bud's, but we'll see. Hopefully they'll be dense little nuggets...
  5. Yeah I get what you mean about loosing the crop. I've never thought about that, thx:D

  6. Long Veg from seed, but clones go STRAIGHT TO FLOWER...
    I get great single, foot long, frosty buds with no popcorn buds taking the plants energy.

    foot long.jpg

    This one was a solid 16 inches, frosty, dank bud.
  7. Wow! Nice plant man
  8. plants grow straight up like that when they dont get enough light so they stretch to try and reach it
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    You are talking out your ass and did not read all the posts.
    I throw clones into straight flower so the only stalk that grows is the center one, and it buds, solid.
    The veg stage is when you develop all the outcropping, so clones thrown straight into flower will have no bushy growth.
    And it has nothing to do with LIGHT asshat!

    name calling is against the forum rules.. please refrain from this in the future.

    That is hilarious.
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    It's a good point though. What makes you think it is okay to insult someone for a misunderstanding?

    And if you want to flame me or whatever, throw me a PM, don't continue in this thread, please.

    To the OP: If you have the time and resources, go for a long-term veg, dude! That would be great. For precautionary meaures though, I think the best method would be to keep that as a "mother" and clone her a little bit now and then, but basically let her grow out...that way you have a safety net for any possible mishaps, ya know. Just imagine, a 30ft tall, 5 year old mother...woooh.

    Is that 7ft across X 4ft tall? Or the other way around? Either way...damn...enjoy that! It'll get much bigger in a month..
  12. lol:hello:
  13. looks nice and tall
  14. Question... Did you do any trimming of the leaf sets or did your lady grow this way by herself?


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