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How long can you store weed for?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Durb, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. If you had a small bag of weed in an air-tight place, how long could you keep it for? I've left mine for about a week and it still smells quite strong if I take it out, but I won't be able to smoke it for a bit. How long will it last?
  2. im curious as well because as soon as i get some money im buying an O and im expecting it to last almost 2 months in a air tight jar in a backpack (for darkness). god i cant wait for that O... it will be so nice not having to worry about being dry for over a month and im saving $300 buying the O rather than my usual G pick ups.
  3. ive had bud last me about 5 weeks in a well sealed zip-lock, if that helps
  4. Man, it'd be so good to have an ounce at one time O.O I never have enough money that I can justify buying it
  5. Thanks man, should be good for a while yet, then.
  6. Ive have some weed from about 6 months ago. Still gets me high. you just have to keep it in a good container
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    if stored properly it can last virtually forever
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    the way i see it is im going to buy that much herb in those 2 months anyway so i might as well buy it all at once and get it for half the price. i just did the math last night and im going to be getting medical grade for $10.70/G rather than $20/G. after doing that i cant justify not buying the O. and thats doubling my current consumption. so far ive been using .25ish a night, im going to bump it up to .5 a night with a 1G blunt every once in while. ive sort of made a schedule. 1 blunt every 2 weeks if i want it so i dont burn through my stash.
  9. That's a good way of looking at it to be fair :L Still, I proboably smoke it less often than 95% of the people on this forum, so I'm pretty sure I couldn't justify it one way or another ahaha
  10. put it in the fridge
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    how often do you smoke?

    also the reason im doing it is because i usually dont have money and i enjoy being able to sleep for the first time in my life so i dont want to be dry again. i havent had any weed in 5 days and i feel like shit. when i wake up after baking for a couple hours the night before i feel like a million bucks. for most of my life before i started smoking and now that im dry i wake up feeling like i owe someone a million bucks...
  12. I've had some 10 month old lamb's breath that still does the job.
  13. Put it in a small ziplock bag then put it in an airtight jar. Should last virtually forever

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