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How long can you refrigerate a urine sample?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by lindseysieloff, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. I have a clean urine sample for a drug test. I have used other's urine several times and have no problems on warming it and using it. My question is if I have a sample in a sealed container, how long can I keep it in the refrigerator for before it goes bad? I have read everything from 24 hours to a month. I am only worried about it smelling wrong (i've heard it will begin to smell like ammonia as it deteriorates) or just deteoriating so that it is no longer an ok sample to use. The test I have to take is just a cup test/strip test. They only send it into the lab if you have a failing result on the strip. I know my sample is clean but how long can I store it for. I have been getting a new sample weekly until I myself am clean to take it. Can I keep it for more than a week? Please help as getting the sample has become hard with my busy work and school schedule!!!!!
  2. Urine should remain stable for testing purposes (creatinine, pH) for one week when refrigerated or 30 days when frozen. Labs have very different rules and practices in relation to sample stability which is the reason you obtain conflicting information. That is because of shipment times but the above will protect you.

    Effect of Urine pH, Storage Time, and Temperature
  3. ....bro, I promise you...you can get some Mountain Due and Lipton Tea and mix it together (90% mountain due, 10% tea) and it will pass any piss test....I done it for 13 months in a work release program, and it was bulletproof!
    ...how I done it:
    I got a big family sized bottle of eye drops, drilled the drip-tip to a larger hole after dumping the soilution out...clean it with water, then fill the bottle with the due/tea....I would tape the bottle under my dick to get it to body temps a couple hours before piss time....cut a hole in your pants pocket to twist the cap off as your walking to the area your going to do the piss test, it will drip very, very slowly but only several drips within a few minutes. hope that helps, it worked for me.
  4. What about diluting the sample with water if the sample isnt large enough? Will that work for the strip test?

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