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How long can you make a gram last?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JesusMurphy, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Due to my low, unemployed income, I have to make a gram last as long as I can. Longest i've made a gram last me is 4 days. I managed this by rolling 1 paper joints and smoking them, then maybe a few bowls, smoking the roaches when i'm all done, then putting the kief in with tobacco and having a few bongs.

    Imagine you had a gram and couldn't get any more weed for a while. How long could you make it last, and how?
  2. Gram last me about 1 session
  3. If I use my one-hitter exclusively, I can smoke twice a day and still make a gram last five or six days. Love that thing :D
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  4. 20 minutes
  5. I would make it last around ten minutes. Maybe 3 hours if it was some super dank.

    Just smoke until you get fucked up. if you don't have any weed then good t-break time. You can smoke again next thursday.

    Other than those two ideas you can light bulb vape. Then make a firecracker when you have 2 grams of lightbulb vape bud.

    Or pack single bowls. They will conserve way more then joints.

    But seriously fuck saving. Just smoke till your high. And if you have some left over then good. If not you'll live to smoke again.
  6. any where between 1hour- 2days
  7. I've got a low tolerance and I only smoke Friday Saturday and Sunday so for me like two weeks (it's really dank tho)
  8. Then just wait till night time and smoke .5 saturday and sunday. Or do the light bulb vape thing...
  9. Well there's a difference between what I can and what I will...

    I can make it last if I put the effort in...

    But more often than not, I will smoke it in a few hours. :smoke:
  10. 15 minutes is the usual
  11. I'd easily roll a 1 gram blunt if I had a good supply, that keeps me high definitely for a few hours. Just smoke small bowls, 2-3 hits for each bowl and don't smoke it all in a day. That should last you a couple days.
  12. 2 to 3 days.
  13. I try to keep a joint if I have none I hold onto that last joint for dear life it's just better to know you have something to fall back on
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  14. Could do 4 days.

    4 bowl packs, bowl a night.

    2 .5 blunts. Half a blunt a night.
  15. if i need to conserve, i use my log vape (rockzap).. can make a gram last a few days with that
  16. If I have easy access to many more grams to come: 1 day.

    If I have to save that gram for as long as possible: eh maybe 2 days.
  17. bout 2 days of vaping all day
  18. How ever long it takes to burn a joint.

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