how long can you hold your breath

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how long can you hold your breath?

  1. around 1 minute

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  2. around 2 minutes

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  3. around 3 minutes

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  4. over 3 minutes!

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  1. im just thought this would be interesting. in general, while breathing long can you hold your breath? my record is 2:04
  2. I just got like 1:30 something. I think that i can hold my breath longer after i take a hit. It's fun taking a hit and seeing how long you can hold it in.
  3. im gonna try that right now.................

    Hhaha! damn im not even really adult and I can only hold my breath for 38 seconds....I was tryin to go for 1:00 but I needed oxygen.....guess I got some stoner lungs ;) Peace ya' bowl is for.............fuhk it....
  4. about like 1:30.. i forget now. holding your breath like that kills like soooo many brain cells man

    and how can your brain enjoy the ganja without brain cells? :smoking::smoke:
  5. This is such an interesting thread. Im sooo surprised to see it!!! Ill tell yeah why...
    Theres a movie with Jet Li in in, I believe its The Enforcer. He does this every morning with his son..they put their heads under water. It is an excercise for the lungs i suppose. Jet Li explains to his wife it is good for him, as you never know when you may need to hold your breathe for a long period of time.
    Ive thought about doing this, as an exercise (dont laugh, I have a good reason) Im going into the Air Force (right before the New year) and I thought this would be a good thing for me to try..., lol, im gonna def do it now..and then ill vote!!!

    ...I know of course this probably was directed towards holding in the smoke but hell...we all do what we do.

    cool thread hehe..
  6. pretty close to 2 minutes here... if you hyperventilate before doing it you can hold your breath longer because it super-oxygenates your lungs... i dunno how, but it does. try it before taking a hit, then hold it for as long as you can... you'll be wrecked ;)
  7. holding your breath really kills brain cells? what a rip off
  8. hhahaha! who the fuck is that guy in your av? I waas just lookin at him and........
  9. i held my breath fir 3 minutes and 5 seconds one night while meditating. it was awesome. if you meditate or just wanna try this continually take deep breaths for like a minute or 2 then take your full lung capacity and hold it in and sit and concentrate and if it works like it does for me you should be able to hold your breath for awhile
  10. There's also some breathing exercises you can do that will drastically increase your lung capacity and function. It's a technique found in yoga in which you take controlled, complete breaths. It's hard to explain, but it works like crazy.

    You start by emptying all the air out of your lungs (from top, to middle, then down to the diaphram to totally empty your lungs)... Then you fill 'em back up starting with your diaphram, working up to the middle, and then filling out the top part of your lungs at the end. This is all through your nose - both inhalation and exhalation - and makes a very distinct sound if done correctly.

    To get the sound, whisper the word "ah" as you do this breathing through your mouth a few times. Once you get the feeling down, close your mouth and make the same sound through your nose on both inhaling and exhaling.

    I'm telling you... This works like none-other. It has a name that I don't know how to spell, but it's pronounced Oo-Jie (the oo sounding like the oo in "woot").
  11. Did it for a minute and a half. I probably could have gone a little while longer, but didn't really feel the need to, so I said fuck it and took a new breath.
  12. Long enough that I can hold in my hits and get high without bursting the much needed alveoli in my lungs and killing my brain cells from a lack of oxygen.
  13. back when I used to be a swimmer, over 3 minutes.
    Now that I'm a smoker, probably a little over 1 1/2 minutes.
  14. sensi, congrats on going to the airforce i respect that

    oh and i got 1:54 but i about blacked out

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