How long can you have a cigar until it becomes unuseable for blunts?

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  1. I got a grape dutch on Friday under the impression that I would smoke it this weekend, but my dumb fuck dealer didn't come through like he said he would, so it never happened. Tomorrow, I'm getting some heads from this chick I know, but were gonna smoke it using her bowl cuz blunts waste too much weed.

    Anyway, how long can this cigar sit in my drawer until it gets so dry that I can't even roll with it anymore?
  2. it depends on what it's packaged in...and you can also remoisturize blunts in a number of ways...

    one trick i learned recently is to steadily blow in both ends of the dry cigar for a few minutes, kind of like you'd huff on a CD before you wipe any crap off of it, just a little bit of moisture will go a long way with a unworkable cigar.
  3. i also breathe on blunts to resuscitate them, but first i wet my lips and twist the blunt between them along the whole length to ensure it doesnt crack when i slice it.

    id say you could probably store it for a weekish if its sealed before it gets so stale it affects your rolling.
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    boil a pot of water and hold the cigar in the steam it will be good as new

    its a fool proof way of fixing a dry cracking cigar
  5. You can always re-lick em! With a little work, as long as the blunt isn't crumbling you should be fine! I sometimes store unused blunts in the freezer if I'm not gonna be using them for a minute, this seems to keep them fresher for a lil longer.
  6. if theyre stale you can lick them before you split them. your gonna lick it anyways so why not?

    idk why but i hate it when people dont lick theyre blunts even after they split them...then they bitch about how it cracks
  7. No wonder he didn't come through man, buying the dutch before it bad luck
  8. Alright guys, thanks for the responses. I'm not so worried about it drying out anymore. Probably gonna spark it up with my babe after winter formal ;)

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