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How long can u store weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blackpaw78, May 15, 2011.

  1. Not in a mason jar just in the bag?
  2. like a week before it gets laced with rat poison
  3. Haha what??
  4. You can store is as long as you want? If you mean how long will it stay fresh then it would be around a week or two before it starts drying out pretty bad.
  5. what the fuck are you talking about a week weed doesnt just spoil like food lol
  6. Ok I'll prolly smoke it soon then once it's dry u don't get A's high rite?
  7. kidding. it starts to deteriorate after like a week.
  8. Probably about a few days until to lose the 'freshness' assuming you've grabbed fresh bud. I personally like weed that's been settled for at least a week. Bomb shit bro.
  9. Ight its master kush and I got it tues it's still pretty fresh so like within the next week should be god?
  10. It will get dry over time. It will still get you high but it won't taste as good. As long as you don't keep it over 2 weeks you should be fine. :wave:
  11. not right. difference is not noticable and if it was you would not be getting less high, youd get higher from a more pure product.

    edit; i think .... excuse me if im spewing out bullshit like its a fact.

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