how long can steak sit out?

Discussion in 'General' started by darksmoker, May 13, 2011.

  1. i took my 2 filet minions out of the freezer yesterday at like 11 or midnight, and put them in the fridge. i took em out of the fridge and put them on my counter at around 830 this morning. i just remembered about them now, at...haha fuck, 830 at night. fuckin 12 hours later man, exactly, haha awesome. are theys till any good?
  2. Eat it raw.
  3. its alrdy been cooked by the ambient air temp. u should be fine. chow.
  4. If they were still frozen when you let them sit out this morning then they are fine.

    Chances are, they're fine anyways. If you like your steaks rare, just settle for a solid medium and you'll be alright.
  5. What do they look like and smell like? Of course cooking it should kill any bacteria but if the meat has spoiled the flavor/ taste might be a little funky.

    Sucks on the filets....they are my favorite.
  6. If I remember correctly from Nutrition class, it shouldn't be out for more than 6 hours.
  7. That might be pushing it. Smell them first and make sure to cook those fuckers good. :smoke:
  8. Yep.

    Bacteria starts forming around 8 hours.
  9. There's a place here in Birmingham that let's their steaks sit out for a day or two before cooking them. Never had them myself but many people say they're damn good.
  10. 12 hours sitting out on the counter?

    I, being the picky-woman that I am, would say "gross, throw that shit out".

    My husband however, being the strong-stomached German mothafucka he is, would probably say "cook that shit really well and eat the fuck out of it".

    Therefore, I think it depends on how well you cook it and how strong you think your stomach is. :p
  11. do you mean filet mignon

  12. Are you trying to tell me you've never heard of filet minions? :rolleyes:
  13. Well if you went freezer-to-fridge last night and took them out this morning they should have still been at least partially frozen. If they were, i'd say go for it, but if they were fully defrosted this morning toss them.
  14. Are you trying to cure it?, or did you accidentally leave it out?
  15. i dont know what that is lol i was sittin there for like 5 minutes trying to sound it out. pronouncing i like "min-yin" i was like wtf is that

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