How long can I store nutrients after been opened?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by antoniotorrescali, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. I have three foxfarm nutrient which I opened about 2 months ago. They are not mixed in water but opened, I wonder how long can I store them and if hot temperature will damage them?
  2. I store everything in a cool dark place. I'm sure its good for years.

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  3. They ought to be fine if they're no older than that. Not 100% on this, but I don't keep mine in hot temps for fear of damage. I would guess they would be good for a year or more anyway. I started using this powder nute formula a few years ago and chunked all the bottle stuff. It works just as well and costs me about a 10th of what I was paying for bottled nutes. I don't use a ton of them anyway. We grow in soil and use the best quality stuff I know of on the market. It feeds our plants 99% of the way through the veg cycle just by the way we clone and repot our plants while they veg. I give a little the last few weeks before they get repotted up to the larger containers they flower in...which feeds them for the first few weeks in flower. I feed them mid flower until about the last week and go to straight water after that, so the need is cute way down from what someone who did a hydro grow would need. I haven't had to buy nutes in 3 yrs now since switching over to what I use now and there isn't a lot of worry about them going bad as long as they stay sealed up. When I did use the liquid nutes, I would resupply about once a year and weed out old stuff. Seemed to work well for me so I would think you're still good on yours. But get them into a more moderate climate for storage. TWW
  4. Thanks! It's true that powder milk during flower stage it's good for frosty budS?
  5. Thanks! It's true that powder milk during flower stage it's good for frosty budS?
  6. I know urea, potash, and phosphates stored in warehouses don't go bad. Organics might be different.

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  7. Had fox farm farms for a 2 years that still works.
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  8. 2 years then I'm good lol thanks

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