How long can I stay on my parents insurance?

Discussion in 'General' started by Matticus, May 14, 2010.

  1. With the new Obama health care bill, one can stay on their parents insurance until they are 26. Does anyone know when this goes in effect? I take anti psychotics and would be screwed without them. As of now, I pay the affordable price of 10 dollars for a month's supply.

    I just turned 21 a week ago and soon enough my insurance is going to realize my age and they might kick me off the insurance. I just found out today that my prescription is still 10 dollars but that might end soon. Can anyone clarify the insurance situation?
  2. that damn obama and his insurance-expanding obamacare...
  3. I work in the industry, actually.

    A lot of companies are extending benefits to 26-year-olds as early as June 1, but it is not required until January 1.

    Going to cost a lot of people a lot of money to implement these changes. Companies will either raise prices or lay people off in order to make up the difference in cost. Of course, the changes only harm people who actually work for a living, so fraud and abuse are built right into the law.
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  5. i know when i turn 21, i will no longer have insurance...
  6. when i turned 19 back in january i was off insurance. And i dont plan on getting any insurance. Apparently if you dont have any by 2015 you can get a federal fine? Idk idgaf they can come after me all they want im not wasting my money for something i dont need. I have two meds im perscribed to and both are only $10 without insurance so fuck it.
  7. If you are a college student, it's currently age 24. If not, some companies are 21, some 22. A lot of meds have cheap generics, ask your doc. If not, you can apply through each company that makes your meds to get them for free. It's extra paperwork, but it is a lifeline when you don't have insurance.
  8. Thanks for the useful information.
  9. usually if you are a full time student then they still let you stay on the insurance. that is if they arent realy paying for it, like if its thru their work or something. if they are paying for you out of their own pocket and not thru their work then its however long the policy is being paid for.

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