How Long Can A Plant Be In Darkness Without Harm

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by 6700, May 27, 2013.

  1. hi, my parents found my plants and i had to throw away most of them. i managed to keep four, two autos and two photos. the photots were in veg (24-0), the autos are near the end of flowering (day 57, also 24-0). they are currently covered in my basement, in the dark.
    how long can these plants stay in dark? how will it affect the autos and photos?

  2. How about you don't grow in your parents house without their consent? :confused_2:
  3. no thanks
  4. Let's start with, what's your plan? Your parents found them assuming in a location that you thought was secure. Now you have a plant that should be almost done with flowerinh and was suppose to get 24/0 light and now getting none? Yikes! Sounds like hermies/ shock/stunted growth/ death is coming.
  5. ok thanks, i will get them outside ASAP tommorow. i guess like 24 hours isnt enough to do too much damage?
    i will just put it by an abandoned house in the tall grass... i have 4 more autos i forgot to mention, young not in flowering yet like day 15, i wonder what i should do now, i cant keep growing indoors obviously. but this is not something i can get help on a forum for, thanks for the info, i dont want it to hermie and if it is a lot fo stress then i will get it out quick. question solved.
  6. Putting an auto flower plant outside to finish us a bad idea. They require 24 hours of light will still get shocked/stressed. Your auto will not have good results (from my reading , never grown auto) you are wasting your time with the other plants if u can't find a location that has 24/0
  7. alright i changed my mind, im just going to put them in my grow tent but hide them... it is a big tent, i will be able to do it i think. or i will grow in the attic. thanks.
    i will hide them indoors somehow...
  8. Move out of that house or do not risk having your parents make you throw away your plants. I would have poured all thier booze down the sink and crushed thier cigarettes if they would have done that to me. But then I would get kicked out too lol. Weed>parents. Good luck!
  9. I hope you mean hide then with light! good luck bro tell your mother you love her.


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