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  1. So my 2 kids just went into flowering just days ago. So with a magnifying glass I inspected the shit out of them and am thinking ones male :mad: and ones female :hello:. But its so early into flowering i dont really know. This is the 4th day of 12/12 I believe. Anyways, The one I think is a male only has 1 ball though and from previous outdoor failure I learned that they mostly come in pairs. But on the entire plant there is just 1 ball that is almost certainly a ball. I want to know how long I have to "make sure" its a male before I take it out. Will it be alot more obvious that its a male before any danger is alarmingly close to my girl?
  2. In my experience male preflowers appear singly just like female ones. I don't do outdoor with pot, though, and maybe that was a factor in them coming in pairs. If you meant a pair as in one on each side of a node, that's the singly I'm referring to.

    Once you see more than one male flower approaching a round shape with no hairs coming out, you can be certain enough to at least remove it from the area.

  3. On each node they came along in pairs of 2 or 3 and same on the other side. And I checked them about 5 minutes ago and I see what kinda looks like a female be hermie. Only time will tell I guess. Its only been 4 days anyways haha.

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