How long before new plants need nutes in ocean forest soil?

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  1. I have some new plants that are on day 7, growing in ocean forest soil. They are growing really really fast, and I just wanted to know how long I should wait before I start supplementing? I was thinking as soon as they grow their next set of leaves. I attached a couple pics of the 2 biggest plants so far.


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  2. My Papaya is on 7 or 8 weeks with none outside a small splash as I was getting rid of a nutrients jusr's contents. I am using Happy Frog Potting soil with about 15% added perlite.
  3. Yea I have just about that much perlite added.
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    I tried something new this time around and the plants all liked it so far. I filled the pot 1/3 way up then placed a paper roll tube in the center. i filled the rest of the HF around it. I then filled the roll with just plain perlite. Once that was finished I remove the tube. Then place the seedling growing block (tap root showing) on top the the perlite section and packed it all in. The intent is to give the plant a growth spurt tot he bottom then to the sides into the soil. next time I will get it all wet because after I had everything in place i was worried about the roots breaking off in the dry perlite. The first watering was a very full one. So far I have 2 x 30 inch Autos, a 14 inch cream caramel (crazy think and huge main cola). As far as the papaya goes I will post a pic before I put her to bed. I have to move her to a seperate place until the autos harvest. 1-3 weeks.
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    how big is the pot that your seedlings are in?
    don't be in too big of a hurry to add nutes to a healthy seedling..
  6. I am pretty sure they are 2 gallon. I started the seeds 2/3's of the way up in the pot, as they grow, I have been adding soil around them to keep them growing straight up and for some more stability. They are loving it.
    do you plan on transplanting them again or will this be the final pot that they flower in?
  8. I am pretty sure they will require 1 transplant. Or at least, all I want to do to them is 1 transplant. These pots probably are not quite big enough to be comfortable in for the late stages.

    I keep saying "pretty sure"

    1. They are 2 gallon buckets.
    2. They will be transplanted 1 time.
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    In my experience (which is a lot with ffoc) anywhere from 3-5 weeks in depending on your lights.

    Edit: but only if you start with 3-5 gallon pots.
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    2 gallon is fine but Pokieman is right on. How big do you want them to be? I am off to snap a pic for you. I am considering cutting the bottom off the 2 gal Smart Pot out and sitting it about 4 inches inside the 3 gal Smart pot. Minimal stress and gets the roots all the space a plant needs. Just need the vertical flexibility or know your LST.
  11. I have never had a previous grow so I don't know what I am going to get for how big they get. The profile for the strain says Medium to Large height, and I think I have enough room to get them decently large. Like 4 feet.
  12. Medium is 3ft-5ft. Large 5ft and up by many measure. Larger pots normally give huge roots and a more robust plant, bigger. here is a the papaya I was talking. The issue with a smaller pot is you will likely have to water more often once the plant is into mid-flowering.
    This plant almost died at birth. The CFL drooped and burned all leaves except the first single leaves. She immediately started two side branches. the last pic is from the top looking down.
    She was planted early Aug and just flipped into flowering. She showed pre-flowers so i am off to

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  13. The room I have is 8x4 and i have 10 plants. It will be tight but there is a chance the room will be expanded as well. I'd say 5 ft would be no problem.

    Do you think i should go to 5 gallon buckets when i transplant?

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    if you're gonna transplant then they probably won't need nutes at all during veg.. They'll easily hang in the soil you have now until transplant time, then you'll be adding new soil anyway which should carry you till flowering time.
    as long as they look healthy and are growing vigorously just leave them alone.. maybe add some nutes when you flip the clock to 12/12.. like 1/2 veg and 1/2 flower formula.
    just give them water for a while dude.. I know it's super tempting to give them food, but that soil has a lot of stuff in there that'll grow your plants just fine for weeks.
    if ya don't trust me, then risk one plant and just give it water as a comparison.
    and yeah 5 gal pots are good.
    make sure you drill lots of drainage holes in the bottom.
  15. 1 gal of soil per height of plant desired is the general rule of thumb.
  16. Well I actually would rather not even mess with nutrients and what not. I just thought I had to start them on supplementation soon. I am glad I asked, and I am glad I am being told to hold out. I feel better that way, especially with the rate they are growing.

    I used rocks slightly bigger than the drainage holes at the bottom of these pots, and they drain pretty well. Also, my water is always at 6.0pH for these plants, so I have that under control.
    I feel like you mean 1 gallon of soil per 1 foot of height? Most likely, but anyhow, that is very good to know so I can be better prepared.

    I should probably just start a grow journal.
  17. When you see the cotyledons yellow and start to die then you can start a feeding regimen IF you don't plan on transplanting soon. When you transplant you add more nutrients to the plants environment. That is why I pot up at least 2 if not 3 times a grow.
  18. yep. an exception is many autos with their ruderalis genes can be much smaller but good bud growth will like the larger pots.
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    are y'all saying that if i put a plant in a 20 gallon pot it will be 20 feet tall?
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    genes matter. But if you want a sativa to grow 20 feet you better not short pot her! LOL!

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