How long before I'm clean?

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  1. Is there a way I can speed up the process of my body ridding itself of THC for my upcoming piss test? This piss test is for a factory job. I thought they weren't hiring until the third week of september. Apparently, that source was severely WRONG! They started hiring two days ago.

    This is a HUGE factory, so positions will not be totally filled up for a good month and a half, but I want this job NOW! I'm currently working at a fucking Hardee's because I suck. Been doing fast food mcjobs since I was 17 (22 next month). I HAVE to get out of this bullshit profession, because it's going, and has been going NOWHERE!!

    I haven't smoked in about 9 days. But I'm just going to say 7 days for good measure. Now, I had probation in '05 and had A LOT of piss tests, (he just didn't trust me) so through this I discovered it takes me 21 days GUARANTEED to be totally clean of THC naturally. I know I cannot pass a piss test in 2 weeks, so somewhere between 15-21 days is the mark where I am clean. Also, I am 5'9 and about 140 lbs. Yeah, I'm male. I'm just a runt for a human, always have been.

    I'm just wondering if there's a way I can speed up the process of getting myself clean? I don't plan on even thinking about trying to apply for another week and 1/2. So it'll be around the 17 day mark. I'm going to do a home drug test before-so because I AM NOT FAILING THIS SHIT! I'd just like some suggestions as to maybe speed this cleanseing up? Thanks, Blades! :wave:
  2. I have heard that drinking a ton of water helps. Also you can search the internet for kits to help pass a test. Personally, I have never had to do this, but I would try both.
  3. you'll be fine.

    good luck .:yay:
  4. I'll be fine in a week and a half? cuz that'll only be like 19ish days. You think I should just wait 2 weeks? I'm just trying to do this shit ASAP.
  5. kranberry juice and sweat alot
  6. yea cranberry juice, alot of water and maybe hit the weights or go for a nightly jog to help burn some fat (not saying your fat) lol
  7. depends on the test ...
    and the use...

    The following is a chart showing the minimum and maximum detection time, on average, that certain drugs stay in a person's system.*

    Substance Minimum Maximum
    Alcohol 24 hours
    Amphetamines 2-7 hours 2-4 days
    Barbiturates 4 to 6 hours 4.5 days for short acting
    10 days for long-acting
    Benzodiazepines 4 to 6 hours up to 10 days
    Cannabinoids (THC) 2 Hours Infrequent user: up to 10 days

    Chronic user: 6 weeks (but this would be like a liver function test I assume and not your typical pee test.)

    Folks I know ,suggest flooding your system with dieuretics and green tea.

    The green tea is ok ,but skip the dieuretics too much pseudoephedine or phenolpropanolamine(sp) will false positive for COKE !

    I Personally , wouldn't work for anyone who has mandatory drug tests.

    ...not being judgemental here ,

    I simply don't have to.:cool: :ey: :cool:
  8. i passed a military drug test with 4 days clean. drink water until you don't even want to think about drinking water, then drink some more. also, drink cranberry juice, vinegar (if you can stomach it), and pickle juice. a buddy of mine swears by that sure-jell stuff. he says it works.
  9. I'm trying to not have to cheat this thing. I've gone 10 days so far, so what's another 11 at most? It's not going to kill me. Was just seeing if there was a way to speed up my body's process, but I'll just wait another 11 days. I'm going to take a home drug test with 99.7% accuracy before I apply to be sure. That thing helped me understand when I was clean.. exactly how many days.

    Basically, after I figured out that it took me only 21 days to be clean according to that test. I then, smoked a little right within the 21 day mark of my next probation appointment. I got tested, and passed. So if I can pass a probation piss test within 21 days its a guarantee in my eyes.

    I'm pretty sure that I COULD just drink hella water and dilute the shit and pass it anyway, but I cannot risk not getting this job. Funny thing is, I ran into my old dealer tonight, and he threw me down a free nickel bag. Sittin' in front of me.. can't smoke it.
  10. take 1000mg of FLUSHING niacin everyday.

    500mg in the morn, 500 in the eve.
    drink water and go jogging.
  11. they piss test for a factory? wtf

    where are you trying to get in?
    and as what?
  12. Haha, yeah man, you're safe. Drink a bunch of water just to be sure, though.

    I passed a DT with only 2 days notice. Ah, the miracles of H2O :hello:
  13. dude definitely a shit load of niacin. it kinda makes you hot. just research the effects of it, it's just a vitamin but be careful with your dosage.
  14. It's called Hydro-Gear, and they make Hydro-transmissions. I dont really know much more than that. I know a lot of people that have worked there, and you just get assigned to whatever "station" on whichever day and assemble a certain part of a transmission system. It's nothing major, considering there are a good 3,000 people working assembly at this place.

    They piss test as a company liability. You're suprised that a factory piss tests? To my knowledge there is no factories within these parts that doesn't piss test. I can see why they would. We're dealing with heavy machinery here. machines, that if you're stupid, can rip your fucking arm off! And there have been cases, so I fully understand WHY there are piss tests.
  15. i guess i forgot you live in America, because they don't piss test for factory jobs in Canada

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