How long before I am addicted to opiates.

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  1. Taking opiates daily or twice a day for pain, not in recreational doses, how long will it take to get addicted to them?
  2. It depends on the type of opiate and the mgs.
  3. Takes longer with low doses and you'll never get cravings if you don't experience euphoria.
  4. Oh I see that makes sense. Vicodin 10mgs btw.
  5. It will probably take about 2 weeks before you get physical withdrawls, But as long as you taper down it shouldnt be too much of a problem.
  6. Hmm ok. Thanks.
  7. No problem man, Im on day 6 of hydrocodone myself, started at 35mgs, Im down to about 10, But I ran out of syrup and the doctor isnt answering, so ya tomorrows gonna suck.
  8. i assume you mean physical?(withdrawl symptoms, tolerance, etc)
    eh, it really depends, maybe a month or two, maybe not for 6 months
    a good way to tell is if you stop taking them, and you start experiencing headaches/bodyaches, or even just generally not feeling good, or feeling "sick"

    but since youre asking, you are probably already psychologically addicted (craving, saying "fuck the consequences", etc)
    that all depends on you, tho
    you may just be an abuser

    damn i prolly just confused the fuck outta you
    its a complicated subject
  9. you probally are! Did you do one and did you like it? If answer is yes. Welcome to the world of addictoin. Be careful. If you can get out, get out now. Don't want to spend your life chasin that first high you got. you'll never get it again.

  10. Lol..... Taking 10mgs isnt gonna give you much euphoria. And You can deffinitly get that same that you did your first time.

    I know the best time on hydrocodone for me was probably the 4-5th time I took it and that was 50mgs, had me noddin. But im still not "addicted" I know that I cant afford opiates, so I dont go out buying em. To me weed is the best addiction breaker. Id take a gram of weed over an OC 20 or 40 anyday, (unlesss I already had like alot of weed or something) It all comes down to self control.

    But I do agree that If you start taking opiates recreationally, be careful because it is a slippery slope.
  11. not a very accurate post mushmind.

    just because you like something doesn't mean your addicted straight away.
    so dont break out the welcome wagon yet.

    it takes months of habitual use to form a habit. Thats where all the problems arise for people, Having an opiate schedule they cannot financially commit to.

    You can use recreationaly, or for pain management just fine without falling into addiction if your careful and strong willed.
    I've been using heroin daily for years, with short breaks and have never been physically hooked enough to get any form of withdrawals.
  12. if youre an addict
    you are an addict

    if you arent
    you arent

    if you're an abuser
    youre an abuser

    he could go on to doing heroin for years and years, and there never be any problems that he RECOGNIZES as problems
    right when the first consequence appears, he'll stop using, and never look back
    thats what an abuser would do

    an addict could either say fuck the consequences, and continue using heroin, or would try to quit (prolly use physical addiction as a crutch to keep using) and if they do end up quiting, they will always crave, or want heroin

    a non addict prolly wouldnt enjoy using heroin, maybe try it one or twice(experimenter)
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    Well addiction is subjective, your brain chemistry will come into play. Just be watching the pain, so you know when you can come off of them. If you start taking a lot of opiates all the time, the effects can be very damaging on your body. You wont get methmouth or anything like that haha, but it can do some major damage to your body. I would say you really get addicted to the stuff when you start viewing it is something you need to take to get high like every day. Opiate addiction usually come from over diagnose and then the person is taking a strong pill and it leads to addiction to the feeling it gives. A good sign of opiate addiction is mild to severe depression when your sober. All the people I know who had an addiction to them was because they said it made them feel happy again, which is slightly peculiar. Also dont drink while you are on them, the buzz is awesome, but you get smashed after like 3 or 4 beers haha.

  14. Well an addict needs the stuff in order to function in thier daily life. Nonetheless what your talking about is pretty much fully correct.
  15. damage such as?

    Opiates are actually pretty safe in that aspect, Considering they work solely on agonizing the brains opiate receptors. There's the issue of becoming dependent on them of course. Apart from this, the only dangers stem from neglect while on them,
    i.e neglecting safety, hygiene, food,
  16. Well opiates tear up your insides. Opiate addiction fucks up your body physically and mentally. It can wear down receptors in your brain if your brain is getting a higher dose than is needed. Really, I think it is sinful in a way to take opiates if you don't have pain. Why not smoke a bowl? It feels better than taking 3 perc in my opinion.
  17. If your asking this question, you shouldnt be doing the pills.

    Knowledge wins.
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    Understand, opiates are not completely safe, prolonged use of this class leads to major issues with your body. They arent 100 percent safe, dont take advice like that, because caffiene isnt even 100 percent safe. You can overdose on opiates, and it is easy to. The major thing I guess is the depression side of it though, it seems like that is what most people have trouble with when trying to get off.
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    I disagree with you here.
    If someone told you they thought it was sinful for you to have a bowl unless you medically needed one, that'd be ridiculous, right?

    and as far as what you said about opiates tearing up your body?
    are you referring to the damages done to peoples intestines while constipated?
    spacing out doses avoids this, and also will stop any issues caused by long time flooding of the opiate receptors.

    the reason I'm taking the time to defend opiate use, is because with knowledge, moderation and being careful, one can use opiates over a long period of time, with little to no damage.
    they're actually a VERY safe drug and there's extensive research done that's available.

    not condoning opiate use, nor the self medication use for anyone.
    I see the point your trying to get across, but there's a flipside to it
  20. Yeah they are safe, but someone who is addicted, and the op was wondering, someone who is addicted to something like opiates doesnt know when to stop upping the dose, or they will redose a couple of hours to get back up again. Opiates proved safer than I thought from the research I just did. I had a friend die from them though (overdose) and another one had some fucked up diagnosis on his blood and it was connected back to the opiates he was doing.

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