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How long b4 bieng considered a "seasoned toker"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CDAbudboy96, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Hey GC, what do you guys think would separate the apprentice toker from the seasoned toker?
  2. At least 692 days.
  3. I would hope 2 yrs, cause i consider myself seasoned and i only have 2 years under my belt(20 now, started at 18).

  4. actually in the city rules it says 4 1461 is you count the leap year day.
  5. if your (x+y+z)Xr=>130.
  6. How long before someone is considered a season toker?

    How ever long it takes them to correct their spelling and not ask questions like this. If you have to ask the question then I'm pretty sure you already know the answer.
  7. if you have to ask...
  8. i will always be an apprentice. been stone for 5 years and everyday i'm still learning stuff.
  9. y=mx+b is the formula used to calculate this. Pretty simple.
  10. Yeah I have been smoking for 10 and it's amazing that I'm still learning new things everyday.
  11. The limit of the length of time before being considered season is 5 as it approaches 3.
  12. if (seasoned toker == 1) {
    smoke weed everyday;

    else (noob) {
    seasoned toker = 0;
  13. Sprinkle a little salt on yer head next time u blaze. Voila! Your seasoned
  14. Ya gotta get your knees dirty first :ey:
  15. I think when you can smoke for 4 hours and 20 minutes straight no breaks is hen your a seasoned toker.
  16. One day it'll hit you. You'll know.
  17. Whenever you think your ready. Its good if you browse through seasoned and post in there if you got the info their lookin for
  18. or you learned it but forgot lol.
  19. There's no clear cut definition but I would say that you are a "seasoned toker" when you know your way around the marijuana plant...

    You might know some strains, the difference between sativa and indica, knowing what you're doing when you're buying weed, you've probably smoked a good amount of strains and experienced a bunch of different highs.

    When you have a lot of interesting/outlandish stories to tell about different times when you were high, that would probably send you on your way...
  20. [quote name='"hemi4spd"']Sprinkle a little salt on yer head next time u blaze. Voila! Your seasoned[/quote]

    ^^ this.

    I'd say it's not measured by time but by the total number of sessions.. Somewhere around 2500 should be safe.

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