How long are bud plants in flowering stage?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by namron_420s, Sep 24, 2002.

  1. wellllll??????
  2. it all depends on the strain... some intend to flower alot longer then others... be patient my guess avg 5, 6 weeks give it time... patience is the hardest thing about growing weed
  3. nah nah, i aint in no hurry, i was just curious...only thing is huntin season is comin will be trapsin around in the woods
  4. depending upon strain, some outdoor varieties can take up to 14 weeks flowering, but on average 9 weeks.
  5. l got juicyfruit at 14 weeks flower and it looks like its just starting??????????? l planted at the same as woody and should have been in time with woody??????????????/the other room was??????????????pic posted somewhere????????????have a absolutly fantastic day my friends.
  6. Outdoors????? right before the first frost, mid October, before hunting season.
  7. also...any suggestions as to what i should be doing now that they are flowering...umm...they are reaaaaaaalllllly leggy...but, ya know..first grow..not all that worried about it...its kind of a thing..somethin ta do...raise babies, then smoke em....anyway, should i stake support the weight of the buds?...

    thanks :D
  8. If you think the weight will cause problems then yes you need to provide support now, either stake, netting or tie them to the main stalk.
    good luck

  9. Yeah what he said. But you are getting close to harvest time.
  10. imull make a mad dash to the plants right now, post when iget back :D
  11. well...i have about 15 fair sized buds on two plants...which, i guess aint all that bad for me, or for a first grow in which i only checked about once a week after the initial, im happy:D

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