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How long after your workout does your body build the muscle?

Discussion in 'Fitness, Health & Nutrition' started by Johnny Cash, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. I know that the muscle is built after and not during the workout. But what kind of timeframe? When does it start and when does it end?
    I'm asking this because I'm wondering if I need a surplus of proteins on the days I don't work out.
  2. eat plenty of protein every day, if you are lifting correctly your muscles should constantly be rebuilding ( not actually rebuilding but its not worth going in to what actually happens)
  3. Sure but what if it's been like 5 days since I've been working out. Is my body still building the muscle then?
  4. no but you shouldnt take 5 days off from working out.

    and even then you still need alot of protein to maintain the muscle you have
  5. workout every other day, eat lots of protein, stop worrying about if your muscles are growing.

    You workout, your muscles get microtears, they rebuild stronger, if your diets good they will also get bigger. rest a day. lather rinse repeat.

  6. what he said^
    muscle cells lay flat on each other....when you work them out ...you tear them apart from each other...new cells then grow in between to "heal" that tear.....this is how we "build muscle"

    you can ...as stated- work the same shit every other day...depending on what you want to accomplish....it is recommended....

  7. not necessarily true, some muscles regenerate faster than others. for instance, you shouldn't deadlift more than twice a week because your lower back muscles take up to 72 hours to heal, whereas something such as your biceps heal much faster, more like 48 hours.

    you don't need to work out every other day either, just get on a program that fits your lifestyle/goal/schedule, and stick to it no matter what.

    if you dont know where to find good programs, try looking up All Pro's starting hypertrophy routine or Rippetoe's Starting Strength

  8. ;):smoke:
  9. still not necessarily true just because its bolded, you could want to accomplish having a really strong deadlift, but that doesn't mean you should deadlift every other day, as that will lead to overtraining and loss of muscle, plus possibility of injury.

    all im saying is he shouldnt be creating his program based off what a bunch of people say in a weed-advocate forum, he should look to programs that have been created by pros.

    edit: he should look to programs created by pros FOR BEGINNERS, i cant tell you how many times i've seen people trying to do ronnie coleman's workout, misunderstanding that he is an elite and someone in their first few years of lifting cannot handle that type of volume, nor should they be doing isolation work
  10. If I'm not mistaken, the actual protein accretion response goes on for 29 hours. I'm citing a study that I can't find right now, but they marked the levels various body chemicals that indicate protein accretion response. The study in question used leg extensions, so this is not necessarily going to be the same for every muscle. Adding muscle is a matter of protein accretion vs protein depletion. You want to eat plenty of protein every day in order to prevent protein depletion and maximized protein accretion.

    This doesn't mean that you can work out the same body part after 29 hours of rest. When you're not fully recovered from a workout, it's often your nervous system that is not fully recovered. Deadlifts use so many different muscle groups in coordination that they heavily tax the nervous system, which is why it takes so long to recover after deadlifts. Of course muscle breakdown is another contributor, but the nervous system is more often the culprit.
  11. Alright thanks guys I know everything I wanted to know.
    I work out 3 times a week. I try to get most of my protein from foods like chicken, beef and milk. I also drink a whey protein shake after my workouts and casein protein shakes every night before I got to sleep.
  12. ever wonder why theres just a lot of skinny stoners? its cause weed makes it much harder to grow muscle. there have been legitimate reports on this phenomenon. i really dont know how much you smoke but if ur serious about gaining muscle mass...cut down on the chron.
  13. About a gram a week, only on the weekends. So not that much.
  14. I really don't think that's why there a lot of skinny stoners. I think it's more because of the self-propagating stoner culture, which does not focus much on fitness. The majority of stoners that I've met in life and on here don't work out regularly or eat particularly well when compared to non-stoners. That's purely anecdotal of course.

    However, you may still have a point. Various people (including stoners) have told me the same thing over the years. I was never able to find concrete evidence (i.e a study) on the matter, so I didn't know what to believe. Over the winter I gained about 5-10 pounds while not smoking much at all (maybe a gram over the whole winter), which seemed to point to weed having catabolic effects. However, once I got back to college and started smoking again, I gained another 5-10 pounds and my lifts kept climbing. I think in my case the main factor for growth was finally getting my diet and exercise regimen to "click" with each other.

    So, while your point may possibly be valid (I haven't seen anything to suggest weed has NO effect on muscle gain), I think that other factors are much much more important when it comes to fitness. If you can find a good peer-reviewed study on the matter, I'd love to be proven wrong.

    Anyway, in OP's case it's not that relevant anyway. I've just always had an interest in weed's effect on muscle growth, thus the long reply.

  15. I smoke 3-5 times a day on weekdays and 7+ times a day on weekends, and i wouldn't call myself skinny...

    not trying to brag or say im jacked, but I clearly have the ability to put on muscle despite my smoking tendencies.

    One of the myths that started that rumor was that marijuana increases your estrogen levels, which is first of all unproven (most likely propoganda to make guys not want to smoke), and second of all is silly anyway because your body naturally assimilates and would also up your testosterone to counteract that.

    And marijuana has no ill effect on your CNS, so that wouldn't be it either

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    ^^ Maybe its just the pic but your bi&tri's look 1.5X the size in proportionate to your shoulders..

    I cant understand how cannabis would affect muscle growth? Sounds like a bunch of broscience. Irrelevant to eachother. Positive is that cannabis puts you in a relaxing state which in my opinion promotes rest, rest = growth. One of the biggest factors in bodybuilding is proper sleep. I never got a good sleep intill i started smoking, im sure others can agree.

    Vaporizing cannabis may be the best pre-workout out there, o ya and its natural. Makes you want to destroy some weights with out feeling the slightest bit fatigue

  17. its funny that you say that, b/c my overhead press is my most disproportionatly strong lift haha.

    but yeah cannabis has absolutely no relation to muscle growth, at least as far as scientists can tell at this time. I wouldn't say vaping is the best pre-workout, but I can see what you are getting at, and since this is a weed advocating forum i'll go ahead and agree with u :D

    but yes, keys to proper muscle growth is regularly increasing weight on lifts, proper nutrition (exceeding your BMR by about 10% and hitting your macronutrients daily), and proper amounts of sleep, since this is when most recovery happens.

    anything else is either fine-tuning or completely negligible
  18. Ya I ment vaping compared to what a $60-100 tub of preworkout does for you, only really vape for abs or high intensity workouts, rather be sober when lifting heavy.

    How tall are you phil, looking pretty lean (no homo)

  19. haha well it depends on what kind've preworkout you're using, my friend uses jack3d and he says it gives you quite an energy boost. however marijuana is a vasodialater, so it would have similar effects to alot of perworkout supplements. as far as which is better i couldnt really say though.

    I'm 5'10", 150 lbs, trying to bulk up but having trouble tracking my macros at the dining hall in my college :(
  20. i will vaguely. your muscle fibers change. think of a it as building a quilt. you are constantly adding threads and weaves and essentially making it tighter.

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