how long after vicodin can I take xanax?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by SnortIt, May 29, 2009.

  1. Title's pretty straight forward. I appreciate it, it's Friday night and I already took some somas/vics at 11 this morning when can I take some bars?
  2. uhhh you should be good. be careful though. don't mix alcohol with opiates and benzos. benzos and opiates together should be fine though, just watch your dosing and know what you're doing.

    be safe man
  3. benzos and opiates are NOT safe its a quick way to get respiratory failure or heart failure, at low doses sometimes its relativley safe but id wait till the high is gone or almost gone then take the xanies
  4. You should be fine at this point, it's been 7 hours so the Vicodin/Soma have pretty much been metabolized already so taking Xanax won't overtax your liver.
  5. Well I have a high opiate tolerance so I take them together at the same time so it diff for everyone. I also took a shot of southern comfort it's been 4hrs and I feel normal.
  6. back then my friend and I found a bottle of hydracodone and xanax, we always mixed it.
    we were fine, just puked alot through out the day. prolly cause we took VERY large amounts days ina row. gah i miss it. have fun!! :smoke:
  7. i love taking 1-2 bars and 30-40mgs of vicodin. loooove that feeling. know your limits though

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