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How long after smoking before your a seasoned toker

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 420 High Times, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. So I have been posting in the apprentice toker sections b/c its the first forum usually. I have been smoking for alittle over a year now. When would you consider somone a "seasoned toker?"

    And how long you been smoking for?
  2. You got a long while ahead of you if you have only been smoking for a year, though I dont always take how long you have been smoking into account but also maturity.
  3. :hello:I'd say once you've hit ten years that's pretty much seasoned enough, I'm on 12 years and strong.... But, hey, we all love the weed right, I 've just loved it longer :smoking:....

    Happy toking :wave:
  4. i'd say you have to know a lot more about weed than just smoking it. things like growing, various ways of making hash, cooking with weed, knowledge of how to use every type of smoking device, knowing about all the types of bud..sativa vs. indica etc. prob not someone that just goes and buys some brick and smokes it out of a pop can or something haha. a lot of it is just stuff you pick up over the years, it takes time. 10 years for me, and theres still a lot of stuff i could learn.
  5. I've been toking for about 4 months so here on the forums I feel like a noob. But with my friends who don't know shit, I'm quite the expert.
  6. For me time doesn't decide wether you're seasoned or not, it's why you smoke; if you smoke to be cool or to escape reality, you're not a seasoned toker. If you smoke to enhance your life but realise that it's also important to be sober sometimes, you know still be in touch with reality, you're a seasoned toker. I've been smoking weed for about 2-3 years but never more than a couple joint a day a couple of hours before bedtime and I consider myself sober. You'll probably disagree but I think you're seasoned if you think of yourself as seasoned - what you think about yourself really says more about you than who you actually are.

  7. :bongin:
    im gonna go ahead and agree with you...
  8. Just about 4 years now.. since 2005, I've had my t-breaks just like anyone else, but I find even lately its been roughly 3-5 times a day.:bongin:
  9. I don't think time is the issue, i usually look at a person's knowlege and general attitude towards it and his/her relationship with it.

    i've got about 9 years now but that means nothing.
  10. I've been smoking for 8 years now and I still have a shitload more to learn. But basically in my opinion you become a seasoned toker when:

    You stop asking questions and start answering them.
  11. I think that being a seasoned toker has a lot to do with being educated about marijuana as well. You can have smoked for a decade and still not know shit, you know?
  12. I know this guy (in my town everybody knows him because he's wierd, is everywhere and always shares his spliffs) who smokes all the time, only sober when he's sleeping. He walks around in a strange way, talking about the crasiest conspiracy theories ever (like in the beginning of time light was there before sound and we know this because some secret society has been given some scrolls that some aliens delivered at Earth a couple thousand years ago). He can't control himself at all. Though he knows almost everything there is to know about marijuana and has been smoking since he was like 12 (he's about 23 now), I'd say that he isn't a seasoned toker.
  13. Ten years minimum. I'm at 15 years and I still learn new stuff all the time.
  14. While time is always a way to become seasoned, thats not what makes you a seasoned toker. A seasoned toker is someone who doesnt walk around pronouncing they smoke. They get their shit done before they smoke or are good at multi-tasking. Seasoned tokers dont get high because its the thing to do, they do it because they like to get high.
  15. #16 Dale.Gribble, Feb 23, 2009
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    Nicely said. :bongin:As great as weed is, we still focus on the priorities of life. (college, work.. ect.)

    Its like, instead of majority of stoners that prefer to get high before preforming a day to day activity, us seasoned tokers prefer to reward ourselves with getting high after. :)
  16. 12 years and still pissing off smokey the bear for burning his trees.

    When you can honestly say that you've smoked various strains, smoked out of various pieces, homemade, and top of the line, when you can say that you've been able to have a productive life while keep Ms. Jane as company. When you have those memories made possible by the best sh!t you ever smoked. When you can say that you were completely out of weed but while looking for your lighter under the couch you found a bud and used a milk carton, tin foil, and the kitchen sink, a piece of paper and your electric stove to get high. I think maybe you can consider yourself a seasoned toker. Maybe
  17. So Marc Emery isn't a seasoned smoker? Irv Rosenfeld isn't a seasoned smoker? Tommy Chong isn't a seasoned smoker?

    I think you might have a mistake in your definition.
  18. There are always so many of these topics. I think you are a seasoned toker if you think you are. No one on here can see how you act and the way you handle the plant. I have been only smoking for two years and I think I am a seasoned toker. There is a lot more that goes in to it than yea, I can smoke a qp in one day how about you.:rolleyes: Smoking the herb is only the first and smallest step on your path to seasoned.
  19. You know what gets me....

    Basically people are describing themselves... especially the ones who have been smoking for 10+.

    It seems that since they have been smoking for 10 - 15 years they now think a "Seasoned Toker" is someone that has been at it for 10+.

    If you were to ask them if they were a Seasoned Toker when they were at 8 or 9 years, I'm almost 100% positive they would have considered themselves "seasoned" enough.

    Is it just me that hates it when people think to put themselves in a category just because of their age? I mean yeah, it's cool that your old and you've been smoking for over a decade, but just because you've hit that magical double digit number doesn't make you any more of a "Seasoned Toker" than the 18 year old kid who's been doing the same shit (maybe more) as you for 2 years.

    Being a "Seasoned Toker" is all about what you know and how mature you are. Not how long you've been smoking. I've been smoking for 5 years, am 22 and know a whole shitload of people who are older, been smoking longer and don't know nearly as much.

    Am I not a "Seasoned Toker" because I haven't been smoking for almost half my life?

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